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A New Year, A New Self-Storage Construction, Management & Consulting Firm

by Kim Kilpatrick January 6, 2010 11:03 AM
Charles "Chip" Cordes and Tom Hankinson, both veterans of the self-storage construction field, have started their own self-storage construction, management and consulting firm, Summit Construction Management Group. The firm is based in Clermont, Florida.

The new firm will not be Cordes' and Hankinson's first chance to work together. The two are old friends and colleagues. Nor will Summit be either man's first entrepreneurial effort. For nearly fifteen years prior to joining United, Hankinson owned and operated his own general contracting firm. At the time, Hankinson specialized in building construction (both commercial and residential) and in residential land development. Cordes, on the other hand, has been a self-storage vendor since 1989. He co-founded U.S. Door & Building Components, and became its vice-president, a position that required him to travel around the world and gave him the chance to observe, and learn from, a variety of self-storage markets, modes of construction, and operating procedures. [More]

Tippecanoe County, IN Officials Hope to Lease Storage for Emergency Vehicles

by John Stevens January 5, 2010 4:07 AM
The County Commissioners for Tippecanoe County, Indiana, have grown concerned about the county's Emergency Management vehicles. Tippecanoe County Commissioner David Byers says that the county's emergency equipment is currently stored in five different locations, some of which do not even have covered garages. Some of the emergency equipment is currently in a warehouse next to the county jail, while other items have been left in uncovered outdoor trailers. Tippecanoe County has more than $5 million in equipment scattered in different locations. The County Commissioners would like to find one central location at which to store the vehicles.

"Let's take the Sheriff's Department, for example," explained Byers. "Probably a half to a third of their garage is full of TEMA equipment. By us moving the equipment out that allows them more space to get their cars inside. You take the building out there at the Wildcat Creek facility that's full of TEMA equipment, you move that out, that gives Community Corrections a chance to move their equipment in there, so that opens up space," he said. [More]

Assessing Tsunami Risk to Property at Home and in Storage

by Tony Gonzalez January 5, 2010 3:28 AM
Thanks to researchers Costas Synolakis, Jose Borrero, and Aggeliki Barberopoulou, of the University of Southern California's Tsunami Research Center, Californians can now go online to assess their risk of inundation by a tsunami at home, at work, or at their self-storage facility. The risk assessment tool has been added to the California Emergency Management Agency's MyHazards website. It is also possible to view the tsunami risk maps by county at the California Department of Conservation website....

Business owners can also use the website to assess the risk to their businesses -- and self-storage owners can assess the risk to the property left by tenants in storage units. For example, a search of the addresses for Extra Space's San Diego facilities shows that none of them lie within an area that is likely to experience tsunami-related flooding. Property owners who are very concerned about risk to valuable items or family heirlooms may want to compare the risk levels at their homes and at nearby self-storage facilities, to see which site is the most secure. [More]

Researchers Put Stored Paintings and Sculptures in a "3D Wikipedia of Art"

by Holly Robinson January 4, 2010 3:01 PM
When you visit most art museums, the art that you see on display represents only a fraction of the museum's actual holdings. The percentage of art holdings that are actually on display in museums around the world is dropping, as the recession forces some museums to move to smaller facilities or to close their doors altogether. Researchers at the University of Brighton, in Sussex, England, want to make art that is being held in storage available for people to see in 3D form, over the Internet. If they succeed, stored art could be viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week, indefinitely. The project is called 3D-COFORM, Tools and Enterprise for 3D Collection Formation.

"What you see at any given time in a museum is only the tip of the iceberg," said Professor David Arnold, the project leader. "There are many more things in storage than on display and all these could be recorded and made available for 3D viewing....Everything a museum holds could be available and accessible at almost any time. Virtual handling of the objects is a different challenge but with this technology you'll be able to see details invisible on a visit to the museum." [More]

Former Extra Space VP Joins Self-Storage 101

by Winnie Hsiu January 4, 2010 10:51 AM
Sue Haviland, a former vice president of operations for Extra Space Storage, has now become a partner for Self Storage 101, a self-storage management solutions firm. Haviland will be the lead partner responsible for growing Self Storage 101's operations on the West Coast....
In addition to her experience working for Extra Space, Haviland was previously a vice president at Price Self Storage, and a district manager for LAACO Ltd. She has also worked as the Operations Manager for the Storage Division at Veralliance Properties, Inc. Haviland has also taught courses for the Self Storage Association (SSA) on Operations, Sales, and Marketing, is on the SSA Education Committee, and served on the California SSA Board of Directors for three years. In all, she has 20 years of experience working in a management capacity and working in the self-storage industry.

Self Storage 101 is a management consulting firm based in Alabama, California and Texas. It specializes in the self-storage industry, focusing on self-storage owners and managers and offering a full range of services relating to self-storage management challenges. [More]
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