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CA Self Storage Unit Used to Hide Base of Cell Phone Tower

by Winnie Hsiu April 28, 2010 10:32 AM
Last night, the community of Brentwood, California approved AT&T's planned construction of a cell phone tower in a self storage facility in a commercial park. The base of the tower will be located inside a storage unit at TownCentre Self Storage, and the top of the tower will be disguised as a fake pine tree. The choice to put the tower inside a self storage unit and to make it look like a pine tree were meant to allay concerns that some neighboring business owners had about the aesthetic appearance of the tower. [More]

AZ SSA Takes Lead in Protecting Tenant Documents

by Tony Gonzalez February 24, 2010 5:51 PM
The Arizona Self Storage Association has been trying to push a bill that will protect tenant documents, HB2643, through the Arizona legislature. Last week HB2653 passed another milestone on its way to becoming a law -- it passed the Arizona House Commerce Committee. The law will impose certain restrictions on what can be done with personal documents that are placed in self-storage, and what should happen to those documents in the event that the tenant abandons a self-storage unit without removing its contents. The bill is meant to prevent possible cases of identity theft if documents that are abandoned were to fall into the wrong hands.

HB2643, if passed, will place certain responsibilities with the self-storage tenant and will provide some protection for self-storage operators if they are placed in the position of being left with personal documents that have been abandoned in a unit. Specifically, the new bill has the following provisions: [More]

Maine's Legislature Closer to Passing Self Storage Records Law

by John Stevens February 3, 2010 11:51 AM
Maine's legislature is one step closer this week to passing the state's new law protecting personal financial records that are abandoned in self-storage units. The bill, LD 1499, is under final review by the Business Research Economic Development Committee. It was drafted by the Maine Self Storage Association together with the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, and is expected to pass in both Maine's House and Senate this spring. The bill was sponsored by Maine State Senator Peter Bowman.

Under Maine's current law, items in self-storage units may be sold if rent for the unit is 45 days or more past due. The self-storage operator is not required to inventory the unit for personal records, or to notify any regulators if personal records are found or believed to be present, as often happens when mortgage companies that keep their records in self-storage go out of business. [More]