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Use QR Codes to Market Your Self Storage Business

by Holly Robinson September 14, 2012 6:47 PM
QR codes (short for “quick response”) -- you’ve probably seen them around because they are popping up everywhere you look. They are those little squares with a funky black and white pattern inside. They are cousin to the bar code.

You use a QR code reader on your smart phone (and your phone needs to have a camera) to scan the square and read the information in the code. That information can contain a variety of information: a link to a video, webpage, document, picture, graphic, or just plain text. [More]

Social Media is the key to Successful Marketing

by Tony Gonzalez June 30, 2011 4:46 PM
When things like MySpace and Facebook first began to pop up they were a cool way to reconnect with friends from childhood, high school, and college like people had never seen before. Who hasn’t had fun reaching out to an old friend through one of those mediums? As time went on they became even more popular places to play different games as well. Social media and fun and games quickly became one and the same. [More]

The More Unique the Promotion, the More Self Storage Customers You Will See

by Tony Gonzalez April 8, 2011 1:23 PM
It would be nice if all it took to succeed in business was to be good at what you do. The reality of the matter is that no matter how good you are at your chosen profession, if no one knows about or sees what you can do than it just does not matter. That is essentially why the self storage industry and other businesses advertise. [More]

How Should You Advertise Your Self Storage Facility?

by John Stevens March 10, 2011 11:18 PM
With an industry that is expanding you would think that it would be easy to attract more than enough customers to keep your self storage facility in business. However, with more and more facilities sprouting up all around the nation it is no longer enough to count on walk in traffic and word of mouth. Success (let alone survival) requires that a facility get involved in some form of advertising. [More]

Mobile Advertising the Wave of the Future for Self Storage Businesses

by Holly Robinson January 19, 2011 11:14 AM
It used to be that whenever you would see someone talking to themselves while they are standing in line or walking down the street that you would slowly back away from them (in order not to spook the crazy person). Nowadays that person could still be crazy and maybe you should back away, but the chances are even greater that they are talking on their cell phone via a blue tooth device that you could not see until you looked closer. However, when you looked closer that person thought you were crazy. [More]

How to Keep a Self Storage Marketing Campaign Well-Crafted and Within Budget

by John Stevens November 24, 2010 3:06 PM
With an effective and affordable marketing strategy, a business can reach out to perspective clients and present them with reasons to do business with a company. Often marketing strategies include several different approaches, more so online marketing nowadays. Keeping marketing cost-effective is always key and can be done using certain techniques. To help storage owners and operators along this complicated path is an upcoming webinar by MiniCo entitled “Marketing Budget Mistakes, Myths and Traps – How to Create a Marketing Budget that Works.” [More] Announces Pay-Per-Result Pricing for Self-Storage Companies

by John Stevens February 8, 2010 7:23 AM
Storage Seeker, an online self-storage facility search directory, announced last week that it is changing its pricing structure in an attempt to become more affordable for smaller self-storage companies that sign up for its services. While most storage directories charge a monthly subscription fee to list premium information about a storage facility, Storage Seeker will now give its customers the option to pay based on the number of storage Unit quote requests that they receive from prospective tenants through Storage Seeker. Quote Requests are requests from interested tenants to find out about prices of self-storage units and available sizes.

Storage Seeker's management feels that this option will be valuable to small businesses, because its Quote Requests are high quality tenant leads. Storage Seeker's Quote Requests are not provided to multiple facilities at once, but are generated for individual businesses at particular locations. [More]