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Opening and Expanding Self Storage - A Good Business Decision

by John Stevens May 24, 2011 6:42 AM
The self storage industry is a $22 billion dollar business that is thriving in the United States, enjoying economic growth as the country faces an economic recession. Currently, low variable rates and limited day-to-day obligations make self storage a less demanding industry to break into than apartment rentals or running a laundromat. New businesses are opening every day and this industry that is 90 percent owned by entrepreneurs was named one of the best industries for starting a business in 2010 by Inc. magazine. [More]

Hoarders Attracting National TV Attention and Helping Fill Self Storage

by John Stevens May 20, 2011 8:59 AM
Hoarders are some of self storage’s most numerous customers with big collections often winding up in self storage units. Extreme hoarders – those who hoard things like thousands of miniature animal figurines or mountains of clothes – often try to contain their massive collections within their homes, which can be dangerous and disturbing to family members. This hoarding phenomenon is picking up national attention thanks to a popular A&E show called “Hoarders” which tries to help the hoarders learn ways to clear out their homes, such as utilizing self storage. [More]