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Google Targets Storage Industry in April Fool’s Day Hoax

by John Stevens April 2, 2010 1:10 PM
Google is famous for its yearly April Foolery. This year, Google targeted the storage industry, issuing a release in its Google Docs blog stating that in addition to its document storage, it would offer physical storage. Google claimed it would store anything. Google would charge $0.10 per kilogram for uploads and downloads. Then, it claimed, users could use “CTRL-F” to find objects around the house such as keys and remote controls. Furthermore, users could share their stored items – just as they can share Google Documents – with other users, anywhere in the world.

“Store your keys, remotes, rail passes, and other objects you commonly lose with Google Docs, and you’ll never have to worry about finding them again,” wrote Peter Harbison, a Google Product Marketing Manager, in the Google Docs Blog for April 1. “Having trouble moving your piano from New York to California? Change your mind and want to share it with your friend in England instead? No problem. With one click you can have your piano delivered to anyone you choose, anywhere in the world.” [More]