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Self Storage Company Helps Those Who Sometimes Have Trouble Helping Themselves

by Winnie Hsiu June 9, 2014 11:17 PM
Most of us go through life facing whatever troubles happen to come up in our path without giving it much thought. Problems are problems; you deal with them and move on. What if it wasn’t that easy though? What if the problems were something you could not just get over? For some reason they are going to be with you for your entire life? [More]

Big Yellow in Cardiff Supports the Go Dad Run

by Tony Gonzalez May 21, 2014 11:17 PM
How would you feel if an Olympic medalist popped into your self storage facility? That would be rather exciting, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what happened earlier this week in the Big Yellow Self Storage facility in Cardiff, Wales. [More]

Big Yellow Self Storage in the UK Has a Unique Interactive Campaign

by Holly Robinson April 8, 2014 10:04 PM
A laser cannon moves horizontally back and forth on the bottom of the computer screen. The player fires at descending aliens that scurry back and forth horizontally on the screen as they advance toward the bottom of the screen. The more aliens hit by the cannon, the more aliens that descend in waves that come faster and faster. What game is this? It’s Space Invaders, an all-time classic arcade game released in 1978. [More]

A Day in the Life of a Self Storage Employee

by Winnie Hsiu January 10, 2014 1:40 PM
People who work at self storage facilities might think that their workday is predictable, ordinary, and not very exciting. Rent units to customers. Check out customers when their contract ends. Repaint the facility to keep it looking nice. Vacuum the carpet in the office. These are things that are in a typical day in the life of a self storage employee.

But sometimes, just sometimes, something more exciting happens. [More]

Someway, Somehow the Self Storage Industry Finds a Way to Come Through

by John Stevens August 14, 2013 11:38 PM
When it comes to the product that the self storage industry provides the reliability of it delivering on its intended purpose is second to none. That is not all that the self storage industry does though. Along with helping people store their things many members of the industry are known for making a difference in other ways as well. [More]

There is a Compassionate Side to the Self Storage Industry

by John Stevens July 27, 2013 11:15 AM
To some who have lost things that they wanted after their self storage unit was sold at a lien auction there probably isn’t a compassionate side to the self storage industry. What those people would be failing to remember is that lien auctions are considered by many to be a regretful aspect of doing business, and not one that managers look forward to. Those same people are probably not aware of all the good that many self storage facilities do in the community either. [More]

Even Animals Love the Self Storage Industry

by Tony Gonzalez July 18, 2013 12:54 AM
Everyone likes to feel loved. Professional athletes seek signs of it from their team and the fans. Parents look for it in the eyes of their children. Businesses like the self storage industry like to see it in the way customers feel about them. However, to feel some unabashed love all that needs to be done is show some love to the Animal Kingdom. [More]

Self Storage Industry Doing Better and Better in the UK

by Kim Kilpatrick May 22, 2013 11:16 PM
The success that the self storage industry has enjoyed in the United States is pretty well known. Over the last few years it has become known as a solid and dependable investment. How can it not be when there are over 50,000 self storage facilities nationwide, right? Countries around the world—like the UK-- are beginning to understand the joy of self storage as well. [More]

Self Storage Industry Sees Exercise as More than Just the Battle of the Bulge

by Holly Robinson May 17, 2013 10:13 PM
America is a large nation. Now I’m not talking about in square miles, but at the waistline. The obesity epidemic has all sorts of people encouraging the nation to exercise more from politicians, professional athletes, and other celebrities to reality television shows and corporations—like the self storage industry. [More]

Self Storage Going the Distance for Kids on Both Sides of the Atlantic

by John Stevens April 22, 2013 7:03 PM
Along with providing people with some much needed space the self storage industry the world over is known for its philanthropic endeavors. From helping raise money to collecting any of a number of things people need the self storage industry knows no bounds when it comes to lending a helping hand. [More]
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