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Guardian Self Storage in New York Participates in Successful Coat Drive

by Tony Gonzalez December 10, 2013 9:50 PM
During this past week, the United States has been hit with severe winter weather – ice storms, record amounts of snowfall, below zero temperatures. While this weather is miserable, if you own winter clothing, it is bearable. But, what about those that aren’t so lucky? What about those who do not have a coat or gloves or a winter hat?

Guardian Self Storage in New York state participated in the annual Dutchess Outreach Susan DeKeukelaere Annual Coat Drive. During October, people dropped of winter wear at the Guardian Self Storage locations throughout Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties. [More]

Storage Post Self Storage in New Jersey Helps with Coat Drive

by Winnie Hsiu November 19, 2012 1:38 PM
Storm Sandy filled homes, roads, and cars with sand and water. The water is gone but the sand remains. Homes were destroyed or seriously damaged. Now, soggy belongings, garbage, and debris that used to be furniture are piled high in city streets. And winter is relentlessly marching in. [More]

Storage Post in New York City Is Collecting Coats

by Winnie Hsiu November 8, 2012 12:16 PM
Yesterday, a nor'easter hit New York City and blanketed the city with thick, wet snow and cold temperatures. The heavy snow downed power lines and broke tree limbs weakened by Storm Sandy. There are over 200000 new power outages in the area. While temperatures will get warmer for the weekend, this storm is just an hors d'oeuvre served before the full-course meal of winter settles in. [More]

America's Self Storage Partners with Firefighters in Coat Drive

by Winnie Hsiu December 14, 2011 2:27 PM
America's Self Storage in Vancouver, Washington, is partnering with the Vancouver Fire Department in its eight annual coat drive. This year is the first time that America's Self Storage will participate for the full length of the drive. (Last year, the storage facility participated only for part of the drive.) [More]

LifeStorage Hermosa in Chicago Participates in a Coat Drive

by Kim Kilpatrick December 1, 2011 12:48 PM
You've seen those pictures: cars, light poles, benches, and roads encased in a thick sheet of ice. You've seen pictures of howling winds blasting snow on people hunched over trying to walk down the street. These are typical winter scenes in Chicago where winters are sometimes harsh and bitter cold.

LifeStorage Hermosa in Chicago is holding a coat drive from now through December 15. People interested in donating a coat can drop it off at its location on 4500 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL. LifeStorage has a goal of collecting 50 coats and encourages members of the community to help out by donating new or used coats for the drive. [More]