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Can the New GPS III Satellite Find You and Your Nearest Self Storage Facility?

by Holly Robinson August 25, 2010 4:03 PM
In a word, yes. Or at least, it will be able to, once it is built and launched. GPS technology can do that now, anytime that your cell phone with GPS or other GPS tracking device is within range of a satellite. Then it can give you turn by turn directions explaining how you can get there. But when the new GPS III satellites are launched in 2014, GPS will become even more accurate, providing more precise information and giving directions that are even more carefully synchronized with the movements of your phone or car. Working with new applications such as Facebook Places, or Twitter’s new location option, new and old GPS satellites will be able to beam your precise GPS location, including the coordinates of any self storage facility that you may use, to your friends (and other interested parties) all over the world. The technology is useful -- but does it compromise your locational privacy? [More]

Will New Consumer Protection Laws Affect the Way You Budget for Self Storage?

by Tony Gonzalez August 24, 2010 11:57 PM
Self storage is like any other monthly expense. Once you sign your monthly lease, you must add the expense of the storage unit to the other expenses in your monthly budget. Some self storage tenants have their monthly rent automatically withdrawn from their checking accounts. Others have the rent taken as an automatic withdrawal from their credit card accounts. Still others prefer to stop by and pay for each month in person, or receive an invoice each month and send the check by mail. Which method is best for your budget? Last week, new credit card regulations went into effect, and experts are advising consumers to avoid adding new expenses to their credit card debts if they can. In April 2011, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act will also take effect. When it does, banking fees are expected to shoot up. Banks are trying to attract consumers to open new accounts now, when they can offer a better deal. But some financial analysts have begun to recommend using prepaid cards in place of both credit and debit cards. [More]