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8 Tips to Make Moving Easier

by Kim Kilpatrick May 15, 2012 3:25 PM
Many self storage businesses also offer moving services. If your business does, this could be an untapped way for reaching out and helping your potential customers.

Consider creating a flyer of moving tips to hand out to individuals who come to your office checking out your moving services. Or, you could also put that information on your website. This type of information is very valuable for those who have never before had to relocate their homes. [More]

Seattle Engineer Takes Downsizing to a New Extreme

by Holly Robinson August 31, 2010 5:46 PM
These days, many people are downsizing their homes to reduce expenses. A small house or home may not only cost less in terms of rent or a mortgage payment, but also costs less to heat and cool, and uses less electricity. The first part of downsizing is decluttering -- giving away, reusing, recycling, or throwing out whatever an individual or a family can live without. Part of the decluttering process, for many people, is storing items that are not needed year round in a self storage unit. The second part is making a small house plan: exactly how much space do you truly need to live in? Some people even draw up their own small house plans. For many, the downsizing process, especially when it is supported by good storage options, leads straight to tiny houses and the tiny house movement -- a movement for people who are determined to live in the smallest possible space. [More]