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Self Storage Company Wants Your Old Electronics

by John Stevens February 27, 2013 8:33 PM
Technology is great. Lost? Check MapQuest on your cellphone for directions to wherever you need to go. Travel a lot? Do you like to watch movies on your IPad to help pass the time? What about your laptop? Do you still have an old desk top monitor or have you upgraded to a new flat screen? [More]

Easy Self Storage in Sherman, Texas, Is a Drop Off Center for e-Waste

by Tony Gonzalez September 17, 2012 8:15 PM
Take a look around you home. How many old computers do you have? Keyboards and mice? How about old CRT monitors? Do you still have an external zip drive hanging around collecting dust? Have your children outgrown their Nintendo game and is it sitting idly by stuffed in the back of a closet in your family room?

Experts estimate that electronic waste makes up over 70% of the nation’s toxic waste. And with new electronics coming out every year, that amount will only increase. What is a person to do with all of the old technology that they no longer use or need? Drop it off at an e-waste recycling drop off center, that’s what. [More]