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More Companies Looking to Self Storage to Clear Out Workspace and Improve Business

by John Stevens January 14, 2011 8:11 AM
There are a myriad of reasons why a business owner would want to use self storage to maximize productivity. It can ultimately lead to saving money and making more profits. Using self storage is becoming a more popular way to store a variety of business items. So much so, that self storage websites are beginning to create separate links solely dedicated to highlighting ‘the benefits of using a storage facility, whether it’s for a small or big business. [More]

Lexington Customizes Liability Insurance for Self Storage Facility Owners

by Kim Kilpatrick June 4, 2010 12:07 PM
Lexington Insurance Company announced this week that it is adding a new line of insurance specifically tailored to the needs of self storage companies. The new program will be called the Self Storage Facilities Program, and will be administered by All Risks, Ltd. [More]

Tippecanoe County, IN Officials Hope to Lease Storage for Emergency Vehicles

by John Stevens January 5, 2010 4:07 AM
The County Commissioners for Tippecanoe County, Indiana, have grown concerned about the county's Emergency Management vehicles. Tippecanoe County Commissioner David Byers says that the county's emergency equipment is currently stored in five different locations, some of which do not even have covered garages. Some of the emergency equipment is currently in a warehouse next to the county jail, while other items have been left in uncovered outdoor trailers. Tippecanoe County has more than $5 million in equipment scattered in different locations. The County Commissioners would like to find one central location at which to store the vehicles.

"Let's take the Sheriff's Department, for example," explained Byers. "Probably a half to a third of their garage is full of TEMA equipment. By us moving the equipment out that allows them more space to get their cars inside. You take the building out there at the Wildcat Creek facility that's full of TEMA equipment, you move that out, that gives Community Corrections a chance to move their equipment in there, so that opens up space," he said. [More]

Alaskans May Store Vehicles to Protect Them From Volcanic Ash Fallout

by Holly Robinson December 31, 2009 3:38 AM
One of Alaska's volcanoes, Mt. Redoubt, is beginning to rumble again. Volcanologists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory have put Redoubt on a code yellow state of alert. Code yellow means that Redoubt is showing signs of unrest, beyond its normal background level. Volcanologists use a four-tiered color coding system: green means activity levels are normal and that scientists do not expect an imminent eruption, yellow means that there are signs of unrest, orange means that there has been increasing unrest with a strong potential for eruption, and red means that the volcano is currently erupting.

Most Alaskans are not worried about having to evacuate from their homes -- most live too far from Mt. Redoubt for their lives to be in any danger from an eruption -- but Alaskans do worry about the possibility of an ashfall. It is not unusual for clouds of ash to spew from Alaska's volcanoes as they become more active. To protect machinery and sensitive equipment from ash contamination, it is wise to cover and store them during any periods of ashfall. [More]