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BSC Group Performance Strong Through First Half of 2011

by John Stevens July 26, 2011 7:07 PM
The BSC Group, LLC, a leading commercial real estate financing advisor and provider of debt and equity capital solutions with a special emphasis on the self storage market, announced its midyear update for 2011. [More]

Self-Storage Financing Options Still Include Non-Recourse Commercial Loans

by Holly Robinson December 22, 2009 12:05 PM
Equity Based Services (EBS) announced today that it has purchased two more self-storage facilities....The deal used a combination of equity and debt financing.

EBS financed the purchase in part with non-recourse loans, showing that non-recourse mortgages are still viable financing options within the self-storage market. Non-recourse loans are preferable to recourse debt when it is possible to obtain them. The debt financing, which was set up by Tavernier Capital Partners, came from a life insurance company.

The equity financing for the deal came from EBS' private investor pool and from the EBS Income Fund III, which was recently closed. The fact that EBS was able to arrange privately placed equity financing in addition to its mortgages shows that investors consider self-storage facilities to be strong, viable, low-risk businesses in which to invest. [More]