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Uk Self Storage Industry Preparing to Give Father Christmas a Helping Hand

by Kim Kilpatrick November 19, 2012 7:35 PM
Every Christmas Eve the man known as Father Christmas to kids all over the United Kingdom travels from house to house not only in their country but all over the world leaving toys for all the good little girls and boys. When you consider that not only will he have to travel to millions of house all over the world, he has to have all the toys made first. [More]

Self Storage Industry Shows its Christmas Spirit on Both Sides of the Ocean

by Tony Gonzalez December 22, 2011 9:56 AM
December brings the holiday season to people all over the world. Different lands, of course, have their own way of celebrating this special time of year. For example, in the United States kids look forward to seeing what Santa Claus brings them under the tree. In the UK they don’t look for Santa Claus as much, but look for Father Christmas to leave presents in their stockings. [More]