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New British Fire Trucks Sit in Storage Because Phones and Radios Don't Work

by Holly Robinson December 29, 2009 7:53 AM
Self-storage facility owners are always happy to provide storage for vehicles, if they have the space. But it is a shame to see fire trucks sitting in storage when they are needed in service.

England is installing new Firelink radios in its Fire and Rescue Service vehicles. The new radios will allow fire trucks to communicate directly, via a secure digital link, with the centers that receive emergency calls. The new fire trucks, which the British government refers to as Enhanced Command Support vehicles, also are equipped with satellite phones and mobile phone networks. The new system was described by the British government as "ET phone home communications."

Unfortunately, the new technology, which cost £1.5 million, does not work, and nine of the new fire engines have been put into temporary storage as a result. [More]