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A Self Storage in Nova Scotia is Affected by Hurricane Leslie

by Kim Kilpatrick September 13, 2012 8:09 PM
People along the Gulf Coast are very familiar with flooding that comes from the torrential rains that accompany hurricanes. They know about the high winds. They know about the downpour. They know exactly what the people of Nova Scotia are going through right now.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Leslie pounded Nova Scotia and dumped over 5 inches of rain over the area. Roads washed out. Homes were flooded. A dike behind a clothing plant broke causing the plant to be evacuated. Firefighters in a boat went door-to-door rescuing people. [More]

And the Water Came Tumbling Down

by Holly Robinson May 24, 2012 6:36 PM
Last year, there was record snowfall in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming. In the spring, prolonged heavy rain pummeled Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. During the last 2 weeks in May 2011, almost a year’s worth of rain fell in the upper Missouri River basin. This onslaught of water found it’s way into the Missouri River.

Water was released in epic proportions from reservoirs along the river in an effort to make room for the influx of water in the river. At one point, Gavins Point Dam released 16,000 cubic feet per second of water. The water poured from the dam – turbulent, roiling violently, powerfully crashing downstream. [More]