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New Mobile Device Application from SmartStop(R) Self Storage

by Holly Robinson January 24, 2012 2:04 PM
Every day, more and more companies create applications for smart phones. With these applications, you can read magazines, check your e-mail, post a comment to Facebook, track your weight loss, make reservations at hotels, and rent movies. Almost every industry has a supporting application and the self storage industry isn't any different. [More]

Is There an App for That?

by Tony Gonzalez May 24, 2011 2:31 PM
When it all comes down to it, people want to be able to do what they do or buy what they buy in the easiest and most efficient manner possible. With the dawn of the electronic age well underway it is becoming more and more common to find businesses, self storage and others, making as much use as they possibly can to make their company more attractive than the next. [More]

PhoneSmart Highlights New Pocket-Sized Kiosk Technology for Self Storage Industry

by John Stevens January 28, 2011 9:14 AM
Imagine potential customers being able to go directly to your website or online bill-pay site or even be able to dial up your self storage facility or receive a text message all with one single step using their smartphones. It’s a new innovation that is picking up momentum in the self storage industry, particularly due to PhoneSmart, a marketing company for rental property owners that recently created an entire website showcasing this new technology carrying the message, “You have a self storage kiosk in your pocket.” [More]

Mobile Advertising the Wave of the Future for Self Storage Businesses

by Holly Robinson January 19, 2011 11:14 AM
It used to be that whenever you would see someone talking to themselves while they are standing in line or walking down the street that you would slowly back away from them (in order not to spook the crazy person). Nowadays that person could still be crazy and maybe you should back away, but the chances are even greater that they are talking on their cell phone via a blue tooth device that you could not see until you looked closer. However, when you looked closer that person thought you were crazy. [More]

Marketing Software Updated for Use with iPhones

by Holly Robinson February 16, 2010 2:44 PM
Omniture, a leading producer of business marketing software, announced yesterday that it is making its online business optimization software compatible with native iPhone applications. Online business optimization uses the strategy of collecting data from customers as they interact with websites, and using that data to drive the growth and direction of the business, and uses Internet marketing to try to build customer loyalty. Omniture's Test&Target software is widely used within the self-storage industry. Extra Space announced last May that it had increased its online incremental revenue by 26 percent, and its online reservations by 13 percent, using Test&Target.

Now that Test&Target is compatible with iPhone applications, its standard optimization functionality, including A/B and multivariate testing, dynamic content targeting, and audience segmentation, can be used to customize iPhone applications and improve their effectiveness. Data can be collected from customers whether they connect to a website via a computer or through an iPhone. Developers and marketers can now remotely modify the content and user experience of their iPhone applications in real-time. Content modification can be done right from the Test&Target online console. Omniture suggests that businesses use the Test&Target software with the iPhone to test and fine-tune registration and lead generation forms, to optimize ecommerce checkout flows, and to dynamically target content to specialized audience segments selected based on their likes and dislikes, and using their prior application activity to increase the relevance of content that is provided to them. [More]