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Inside Self-Storage Hosts Legal Learning Webinar Series

by John Stevens June 27, 2011 6:44 AM
Legalities surround businesses at every step. For the self storage industry, especially with the advent of the popularity of realty TV series like "Storage Wars" and the changing legal landscape in many states, the ins and outs of lien sales are directly in the spotlight. That is one of the reasons Inside Self-Storage is putting on a three-part Legal Learning Series for 2011. [More]

New Storage Auction Portal Ready to Launch its Website

by John Stevens January 10, 2011 8:43 AM
With the newly arrived and successful A&E’s “Storage Wars” and Spike TV’s “Auction Hunters” making debuts on cable TV, people have begun flocking to storage auctions hoping to experience the same excitement and find similar treasures hidden inside the bins and boxes as the bidders they watch on the shows. Now professional bidders who have been working the storage circuit for many years find themselves standing next to wide-eyed novices. And what it takes to be successful is good instincts, some bidding skills, and of course, some luck. But the first step is finding a good auction. Arriving on the scene is a new online portal that will help professionals and newbies alike find upcoming storage auctions quickly and easily. [More]