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A Little Recognition Never Hurts

by Kim Kilpatrick August 11, 2011 6:30 PM
Businesses typically do things that will increase their bottom line, and that is it. After all, that is the point of whatever it is they do, right? People on the other hand are a different. While there are some who act primarily to pad their personal bottom line, there are just as many who act out of a sense of loyalty or based on a set of core values. [More]

Texas Self Storage Owner Honors WWII Vets

by Holly Robinson May 21, 2010 4:58 PM
World War II ended 65 years ago. But the 16 million American veterans who served in the war did not receive a national memorial until 2004. The youngest of those veterans are now in their 80s. Many are living on fixed incomes, and, especially in the middle of a national recession, cannot afford a trip to Washington D.C. to visit the new memorial.

To honor those veterans, self storage owner Jack McClanahan decided to get involved in the Montgomery County, Texas branch of the Honor Flight Network, the national nonprofit organization dedicated to flying veterans to Washington D.C. to see the World War II Memorial. On the honor flights, every veteran flies free and spends the day in Washington. [More]