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Charleston Man's Christmas Village Collection Makes Its Annual Trip Out of Storage

by John Stevens December 24, 2009 9:10 AM
When Danny Beckner, of Charleston, West Virginia, decorates for Christmas, he doesn't just put up a few strings of lights. He goes into storage and pulls out his collection of more than 80 miniature houses and businesses. Beckner's Christmas village collection includes people, pets, horses, a train, and many other accessories. The collection, which once fit in Beckner's living room, now has grown to be so big that it takes up an entire house....

Many people have miniature Christmas village collections, but not everyone knows how to pack and store miniatures to avoid damage. Miniatures need to be stored in a climate-controlled space. To pack a collection, you should gather tissue paper, styrofoam peanuts, packing tape, masking tape, foam, a permanent marker, and two sturdy boxes for each miniature. One box will hold the miniature in its original packaging, and the other is a box to pack the miniature in. Fill all the openings in the miniature with packing materials, such as tissue or shredded styrofoam peanuts. If your miniatures have pieces that come out, such as Beckner's tiny people, wrap each one separately. Place tissue under the dresses of dolls to support the fabric and keep it from being crushed. You can group tiny items in individual bubble wrap envelopes. Make bubble wrap envelopes by taping sections of bubble wrap into envelope pockets that are sized to fit the miniature. Tape the pockets shut when you are done. [More]