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Mini-Storage Messenger Goes Digital

by Holly Robinson March 5, 2013 6:03 PM
In the pre-Internet days, people read newspapers to find out what was happening in the world. They read magazines on a wide variety of topics. Then came the Internet turning the print world topsy-turvy.

Today, people aren’t buying print versions of books, magazines, and newspapers like they used to. They want electronic versions that can be read on computers, smart phones, Kindles, iPads, and the like. [More]

New Year, New Look for Self Storage Mag

by Holly Robinson January 2, 2013 8:13 PM
Does anyone remember what the general reaction was to New Coke during its brief run in stores back in 1985? The new product was widely criticized and led to the popular soda manufacturer bringing back the old version rebranded as Coco-Cola Classic. Sure enough, the rebranding worked and sales were through the roof so while the road to the change was unorthodox the end result was exactly what the company wanted. [More]

Give Yourself a Gift

by Holly Robinson December 10, 2012 6:54 PM
Everybody loves a deal – especially during this time of the year. MiniCo and Universal Storage Management Company are giving a special holiday gift to owners and managers of self storage businesses. They are offering the last webinar in their Master Class series for only $25. The original cost was $149.95 so this discount is one-sixth of the initial price. [More]

Last Self Storage Legal Webinar to be Held

by Holly Robinson November 26, 2012 6:05 PM
What do you do if a tenant passes away and his daughter claims that her father promised her an antique chair that is in his rental unit? What if his son says that his father promised him a set of tools that is stored there? Do the renter’s children have a legal claim on the deceased person’s possessions?

Or what if a husband and wife divorce and they are adamantly claiming that the other person should not have access to the storage unit? Who is legally allowed to remove items from the storage unit they rented while they were still married? [More]

MiniCo Offers Free Webinar to Discuss the SSA CoreHealth Insurance Program

by Winnie Hsiu October 29, 2012 7:00 PM
The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was signed into law in March of 2010. As a result, many people have concerns and questions about their own insurance. While many of the biggest reforms will not kick in until 2014, many doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers and adapting and preparing and making changes because of this new legislation.

MiniCo will hold a free webinar for self storage professionals on November 13, 2012 that will discuss the features and benefits of the SSA CoreHealth Insurance. This plan is the new limited medical indemnity insurance program that the Self Storage Association offers in conjunction with MiniCo. [More]

Canadian Self Storage Helping Other Industries Grow

by Tony Gonzalez August 29, 2011 5:31 PM
“Space; the final frontier,” were the first words heard by Star Trek fans when they watched the original series during its three year run from 1966-69. From that original television series came the inspiration for 11 feature films, an animated series, and four other television shows that ran from 1987-2005. [More]

Insight into Interest Rates Focus of Upcoming Webinar for Self Storage Industry

by John Stevens March 22, 2011 8:30 AM
Interest rates change as the clock ticks. And while interest rates are presently at an all-time low, that may not last. As interest rates rise up and dip down, it’s crucial to have an understanding of what drives these movements. The US Federal Reserve last week kept interest rates at their record low of near 0 percent, rejecting fears of higher inflation. Investors, buyers and owners watch the market carefully and are always open to advice when it comes to insights into the vagaries of rates. [More]

Upcoming Webinar Reveals Best Kept Secrets of Online Marketing Companies

by John Stevens March 2, 2011 7:18 AM
A Web page is only the beginning of an online marketing presence. Being part of a self storage search engine like and taking part in a social media outlet such as Facebook are among other aspects that make up an Internet campaign. Some self storage operators choose to hire a marketing company to handle the myriad of dimensions to online marketing. But what if these companies are hiding secrets of the game? [More]

Hawaii’s Un-Conference Promises Unconventional Seminars and Networking

by John Stevens February 16, 2011 7:59 AM
Some of the biggest names in the storage business, including Extra Space Storage, MiniCo, Storitz, and Mini-Storage Messenger, will be converging in Hawaii this summer to take part in PhoneSmart’s “un-conference.” While enjoying the unbelievable sights and sea of Kohala Coast, attendees will be given a unique opportunity to network with some of the top names in the business while attending custom-designed seminars. [More]

Upcoming Webinar Can Help Self Storage Operators Interact Better With Customers

by John Stevens February 7, 2011 11:59 AM
The self storage industry has put a lot of time into pleasing customers and making transactions smooth and easy. Whether that be over the phone, on the internet, through a kiosk, or in person, it is the impression a customer gets from a business and its proprietor that can make or break the deal. Most consumers overwhelmingly like to give their business to people who are likeable and pleasant. [More]
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