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California Self Storage Operator Saves Life of Tenant

by John Stevens September 28, 2010 11:45 PM
Self storage operator Gina Kudo and her coworker saved the life of a tenant last month at her facility, Cochrane Road Self Storage, in Morgan Hill, California. The tenant was having a stroke, and his life was saved by the quick thinking and actions of Kudo and the rest of Cochrane's staff. After the incident, Kudo wrote in to Inside Self-Storage to explain the importance, from a safety standpoint, of stroke awareness, of getting to know tenants and of being aware of what may be happening in a self storage facility. [More]

Overland Self Storage Owners Disappear Amidst Foreclosure Proceedings

by Winnie Hsiu February 12, 2010 5:42 PM
Tenants who stopped by Overland Self Storage, in Morgan Hill, California, were startled this week to find that Overland's normal security gate had been disabled and that the facility was apparently being foreclosed on by a lender. Overland had a steel gate that was usually kept closed and locked, and could only be opened by customers or staff members who knew the electronic code. But this Tuesday, it was locked open instead of closed. Renters who went in to check on their self-storage units found that nobody was in the office, and instead a sign taped to the door read, "Closed! This is now the bank's property." The note did not say which bank now owns Overland, and did not list any contact information. In one exterior wall, a space that once held a window is now covered with a loose piece of plywood. Signs on the building's remaining windows said that the building is now "for lease." Overland's listed phone number is out of service. [More]