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Self Storage Facility Zoning Change Approved Based on Lower Parking Needs

by Winnie Hsiu April 23, 2010 11:17 AM
A California community has approved the conversion of an office building into a self storage facility based in part on the lower parking needs of the self storage facility compared to the amount of parking that would have been needed for office use. The Planning Commission of Capitola, California, had initially recommended against amending the city code to allow self storage in a community commercial zone, hoping that it would be possible to encourage retailers to make use of the space. Ultimately, though, council members at last night's Capitola City Council meeting decided the matter based on traffic flow, parking and lighting issues, rather than focusing on how the space would be used. [More]

Developer Tries to Salvage Commercial Property by Converting to Self-Storage

by John Stevens January 29, 2010 8:10 PM
Last night Redtree Properties, a Santa Cruz, California real estate developer, went before the City Council in Capitola, California, to discuss its proposal to turn vacant office space into self-storage units. The office space, which is located in a shopping mall, is not zoned for self-storage. The office spaces could not be converted to self-storage unless the city rezones the area or amends the neighborhood commercial zone law to allow self-storage. But the Capitola Planning Commission is in favor of the idea.

The office complex, which is located at 809 Bay Ave in Capitola, next door to the Nob Hill shopping mall, was last occupied in August 2008. It occupies 37,232 square feet of space, which Redtree plans to convert to 394 self-storage units. [More]