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Jim Morrison Photos Now Among Celebrity Paraphernalia Found in Self Storage Units

by John Stevens June 3, 2011 11:26 AM
Quite often in the news, famous people are linked to self storage. There was the recent uncovering of Marilyn Monroe’s shoes, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln, and a rare Superman comic book stolen from actor Nicolas Cage. The latest celebrity item to surface is a treasure trove of lost Jim Morrison photographs snapped in 1968 and unearthed in a storage unit. [More]

Self Storage Company Comes to the Aid of Local Residents Again

by Kim Kilpatrick February 9, 2011 11:05 AM
Most of the world watched the affects that the recent winter weather had on the biggest football game of the year last Sunday. All in all it looked like not very much since the game went off without a hitch (minus the musical performances). While the game did go well, the fans and people in the surrounding area did not have it nearly as easy. [More]

Stinky Skunk Slips into Storage Unit and Sprays Toys for Needy Children

by John Stevens December 15, 2010 9:54 AM
A toy drive in Purcell, Okla., could possibly have come to an odiferous end after a skunk got into a donation storage facility, creating putrid puzzles, malodorous model trains, and stinky stuffed animals. [More]

Save on Moving, Packing, and Organizing Supplies During Sales Tax Holidays

by John Stevens August 6, 2010 11:47 PM
Several states have instituted sales tax holidays this August, to give families a break while shopping for school supplies and to stimulate local economies. Many retail stores are offering special deals to coincide with tax-free days. Although the tax holidays are intended for back to school shoppers, many packing and organizing supplies, such as strapping tape and file folders, will be tax-free as well. People who are thinking of moving their files into storage, or decluttering a home in preparation for putting it on the market, may want to take advantage of the August tax-free holidays. [More]

Movers, Stay Off Oklahoma and North Texas Roads: State of Emergency Declared

by Winnie Hsiu June 15, 2010 2:55 PM
Middle of the month movers in Oklahoma and parts of North Texas had to postpone their plans today, like everyone else, as flash floods deluged the area. In less than 12 hours on Monday, 10 inches of rain fell, and between two and four more inches were expected during the night. According to the National Weather Service, Oklahoma City usually gets only four inches of rain during the entire month of June. Early this morning, Lt. Governor Jari Askins of Oklahoma declared a state of emergency. [More]

Relocation Assistance Becoming Available for Treece, Kansas

by Winnie Hsiu January 27, 2010 11:00 AM
This week, the Kansas state Department of the Environment (KDHE) announced that it will hold a meeting Thursday, at 6 p.m., in the old Picher City Hall to discuss relocation assistance with residents of Treece, Kansas. The meeting will include a status update from the federal Environmental Protection Agency detailing what progress has been made with the relocation and with plans to buy out property from the residents. "KDHE is setting up this meeting to talk to the residents to see who is interested," Bob Jurgens, a KDHE section chief, explained. "We also need to determine a timeline for the buyout." At the meeting, Treece residents will also be able to ask questions about the buyout process, Treece's status as a Superfund site, and studies related to it. [More]