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Band that Started in Self-Storage Unit Releases New Album

by Kim Kilpatrick December 28, 2009 5:48 AM
Sick Sense, a punk band that formed in Riverside, California, in 1993 and got its start meeting and rehearsing in a self-storage unit, released its new album, "Welcome to the Sick Side," this December.

The band had intended to release the album earlier in 2009, but decided to hold off because of the recession. Thinking that the economy has improved somewhat, Sick Sense decided to release the new album at an early December concert in Canyon Crest, California. "We feel like it's the time to do it," said singer Mando Ochoa. The band gave away CDs of the album to the first 50 people to arrive at the concert. Ochoa took pride in noting that the band's fans span many age groups. "I think the people who just love punk rock music love it until they're 80 to 90 years old," Ochoa commented. "There's no age limit to punk rock." [More]