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Self Storage Industry Could Soon See Largest Auction to Date Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan

by Kim Kilpatrick December 13, 2012 9:10 PM
When the idea was first formulated to do a reality show based off of self storage auctions producers could not have imagined how quickly the show (and self storage auctions) has become a part of American pop culture. Thanks to the possibility of one particular unit being auctioned off self storage auctions are going to be much more than just a part of pop culture. [More]

Self Storage Auctions Continue to Grow in Popularity

by Tony Gonzalez November 13, 2012 7:50 PM
If there is one thing among the many that Americans like it is the possibility of getting rich quick. We all like to find the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack, the lottery ticket, our very own Snuggy-like invention; you get the idea, right? One of the latest ways in which some people have found their Golden Ticket comes courtesy of the self storage industry. [More]

Want a Chance to Find Treasure? Rent a Self Storage Unit.

by Tony Gonzalez February 2, 2012 6:57 PM
The words “treasure” and “self storage” have been paired together in recent years largely due to the popularity of reality television shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. The idea of being able to spend a few hundred dollars at a self storage auction and have it turn into thousands (or more) when rare collectibles are found or even gold has many people willing to take that chance. [More]

Self Storage Related Reality Shows Becoming Reality?

by Tony Gonzalez January 5, 2012 6:21 PM
Reality shows often get the rap for not being real or even anything remotely resembling real life. People don’t lose weight like the contestants of the Biggest Loser; you can’t find anything but a love of the camera on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Even shows like Storage Wars that are focused on something simple like auctions at self storage facilities have come under question. [More]

Self Storage Auction Truly a Golden Investment

by Holly Robinson November 17, 2011 5:11 PM
The self storage industry has proven to be quite a reliable investment since the economy started to go south. Some might consider it gold; others might just consider it smart investing. There have been stories about people finding treasures that are as good as gold to them, but in the case of a self storage unit a San Jose man recently bought the meaning “good as gold’ is literal. [More]