Contributing Editors

The More You Do the Merrier in Self Storage

by Kim Kilpatrick October 17, 2011 6:25 PM
When you have hundreds or thousands of stores, like say Wal-Mart, you can afford to drop your prices because you can count on bulk sales in order to make a profit. After all, is there any place in the United States that does not have a Wal-Mart? When it comes to the self storage industry there is no economy-of-scale safety net. [More]

Politics Make the World Go 'Round

by Tony Gonzalez July 22, 2011 10:43 PM
Some people would like us to believe that love makes the world go ‘round. Others would say that big business does the trick, or simply money in general. Those people would all be wrong. If you want to know what makes the world go ‘round, look no further than the sordid world of politics. [More]

Charity Often Becomes an Annual Event for Self Storage Companies

by Tony Gonzalez July 12, 2011 5:00 PM
Ask any one that regularly donates time to different charities and they will tell you that there is nothing that beats the feeling that you get when you see someone put on a warm coat for the first time in months or when kids get new toys to play with. It’s that feeling that often gets people to return to the program they are helping and continue doing so. [More]

Cutting Edge is the Key to Success in Self Storage

by John Stevens June 16, 2011 4:45 PM
One of the most common frustrations that users of electronics have is that what they buy, thinking it is cutting edge, quickly becomes just the opposite in a matter of months. If the electronics are for personal use, people tend to overlook it (unless they absolutely must have the latest toys and gadgets), but for the business world not being on the cutting edge can mean the difference between success and failure. [More]

Social Media is the Wave of the Future

by John Stevens June 7, 2011 5:16 PM
Who would have thought back in the 1980s when the internet was beginning to really take form that it would one day change the way that people communicate, shop, conduct business, interact with each other, watch television, and so much more. One estimate derived back in 2009 had one quarter of the world’s population wired for the internet. Chances are that number has grown even larger over the last two years. [More]

California Self Storage Companies Creating a Double Whammy of Good

by Winnie Hsiu June 1, 2011 7:24 PM
There are many worthy causes that could use a helping hand to accomplish their given task. While there are many places that do try to give back to society by helping out with these causes, they can only be expected to do so much. That is why when a company, or group of companies, comes up with a way to help two causes with one stoke, their efforts deserve to be recognized. [More]

Southern California Self Storage Company Honors Veterans

by Kim Kilpatrick May 31, 2011 4:01 PM
On Memorial Day it is natural for the country to pause and give thanks to the men and women of the armed forces that work day in and day out to protect our way of life. Thanks and appreciation also has to go out to the families of our nation’s soldiers who support their moms, dads, brothers, and sisters as they are deployed around the world. [More]