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Self Storage Company Turns Garbage into Money for Charity

by Tony Gonzalez October 25, 2012 9:33 PM
Often times self storage units are used to store things that people no longer need, but can’t bring themselves to throw away just yet. This figurative ‘garbage’ has led to the explosion in popularity of self storage auctions were people hope to find a needle in the haystack or see if another man’s trash could yield a treasure for them. [More]

Self Storage Company Makes Lemons out of Lemonade

by Winnie Hsiu October 24, 2012 10:50 PM
As kids our parents try to teach us many things. One of those lessons is that sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to. Sometimes there are huge roadblocks in the way of things that we want or like that we can’t do anything about. Complaining about them is useless and a waste of energy so sometimes when life gives you lemons you just have to make lemonade. [More]

Self Storage Facilities Can Sure Be Scary—but in a Good Way

by Holly Robinson October 19, 2012 9:03 PM
Whether it’s the mystery of what could be lurking or hidden by the steel gates of a unit or wondering what could be making that sound around the corner, self storage facilities are capable of inspiring fear in the bravest of individuals. At least that’s what Hollywood and haunted house enthusiasts want us to think! [More]

Self Storage Companies Want to Help Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

by Tony Gonzalez October 18, 2012 7:47 PM
Many self storage companies throughout the United States and across the world make it a regular practice to get involved in the community in which they are based. Sure, part of the reason is to gain some positive press (and the subsequent advertising that goes with it). The fact of the matter is that they are doing something for those who have trouble doing it for themselves. [More]

A Little Renovation Can Go a Long Way in the Self Storage Industry

by Holly Robinson October 17, 2012 6:51 PM
Have you ever gone out and bought a new shirt just because you wanted something new? Do you remember how you felt the first time you wore it out in public? How about the first time you drove up to your buddy’s house in your new car? What about when you went to your high school reunion after losing 50 pounds? [More]

Self Storage is one Friendly Industry

by Tony Gonzalez October 16, 2012 6:42 PM
There are certain things that people must do in order to be successful in business be it self storage or otherwise. They must have something people want. They must have a place of business from which to offer something people want, and they must let people know they have it (so that they will come and get it). That alone will go a long way towards making a profit, but it takes a little more in order to truly be a success. [More]

Self Storage Company Knows how to Bring People In

by Winnie Hsiu October 15, 2012 7:39 PM
Many people think that the toughest thing involved in business—self storage or otherwise-- is the whole process involved in getting it open and off the ground. There are others that would counter and say that starting the business is not the hardest thing, but is actually pretty cut and dry. You know exactly what you need to do. The toughest part is something else entirely. [More]

Beautiful Babies Get a Helping Hand from the Self Storage Industry

by John Stevens October 12, 2012 7:06 PM
There is one thing that you can almost rest assured any parent is not going to turn away—help. Single or married, rich or poor; it doesn’t matter. Children are a wonderful blessing as well as an incredible handful. They make you laugh; sometimes they make you cry. For some families the only constant is worry; worry about how to make sure the baby has everything that he or she needs. [More]

Self Storage Industry in UK Prepared to Face New Value Added Tax

by Tony Gonzalez October 11, 2012 9:44 PM
Running a business—self storage or otherwise-- is full of challenges and tough decisions. Sometime they can be pretty tough to handle like when it comes to having to raise rates or increase costs for any sort of reason. What you have to do is try to envision the good that can occur if the expense is incurred. Even then, sometimes it can be tough to pull the figurative trigger because you don’t want to spend the money (it’s so hard to earn!). [More]

Multi-tasking Par for the Course in Self Storage Industry

by Holly Robinson October 10, 2012 8:21 PM
Growing up we learn that if we do something that we should do it well. In order to make sure that is what we do we are told to pick one thing and concentrate on it; work on it till we are great at it. However, we also learn that often times when we stick to one thing and one thing only, well—it’s kind of boring. [More]
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