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Nothing Like Free Space in the Self Storage Industry

by John Stevens June 25, 2013 8:20 PM
There have been a lot of ‘great’ movies throughout time like The Great Gatsby (1974), The Great Escape (1963), and the Great Mouse Detective (1986) to name a few. Okay, maybe not the mouse movie, but when you call something great expectations are raised and people expect to get a certain something. was aware of that when it dubbed its latest contest ‘The Great Storage Giveaway.’ [More]

SpareFoot Sponsors a Clever Marketing Contest

by Winnie Hsiu November 17, 2011 6:04 PM
Last week, SpareFoot launched a social media contest for storage operators through its partner social media accounts. It is called The Best Self-Storage Marketing Idea Contest. Storage facility managers and owners are asked to share their most creative marketing ideas that could be used to get more people to rent units with them. Ideas could be tried and true ones or crazy ones they are thinking about and haven't tried just yet. [More]

Self Storage Thrives During Good and Bad Times

by Tony Gonzalez June 10, 2011 2:11 PM
There are some aspects of the economy that tend to do well during prosperous economic times. Other segments tend to do better during not so prosperous economic times. There are a select few that can honestly say that they do well no matter what the economic climate is. [More]