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How Good is Your Self Storage Software?

by Winnie Hsiu December 26, 2013 11:59 PM
Kids, ask Grandma what it was like to use a typewriter and I bet she’ll have horror stories about ribbon and ink and all sorts of things. Ask Mom what it was like to use one of the first word processors and she’ll describe them basically as electronic typewriters that made it much easier to correct mistakes (you might need to go to Grandma for this one). [More]

E-SoftSys Releases New Version of Self Storage Manager Program

by Holly Robinson September 7, 2012 6:06 PM
E-SoftSys provides products and services for the self storage industry. They have a software program, Self Storage Manager, that helps owners and managers of self storage facilities to efficiently run their business. Recently, they released version 3.2 of their Self Storage Manager software program and their e-CRM module (customer relationship management).

They aggressively seek feedback from their customers. They use this information to improve their product and have incorporated many of the suggestions into their updated software program. Because of all of the input, this version contains over 70 new features. [More]

Collections Manager Software Launched by Storage Network Advantage and SiteLink

by Tony Gonzalez January 25, 2012 3:06 PM
How much money are you loosing because some of your self storage tenants are behind in their payments? How much time do your employees spend making collection calls on accounts that are in arrear? A software program has been developed that addresses these issues. [More]

Updated Online Training Available for SiteLink

by Holly Robinson September 2, 2011 10:58 AM
SiteLink, a developer of software for self storage facilities, announced that they have released the next version of their free online training tools. SiteLink is a powerful program that single- and multi-facility owners use to manage and track their business.

The updated online training tools have an improved user interface and navigation that uses icons and is based on online program. The icons are linked to over 200 training videos and cover features such as move-ins and move-outs, payments, in-store merchandise purchased, walk-ins, daily close-out, and billing. [More]

OpenTech Enhances Its INSOMNIAC Kiosks For Self Storage Operators

by John Stevens July 8, 2011 10:41 AM
Customers are always interested in a convenient and easy transaction. And in this fast-paced, tech-savvy world, self-storage kiosks are the answer to many customer needs, including online reservations and rentals. Phoenix-based OpenTech Alliance Inc., developer of the INSOMNIAC line of self-storage kiosks, has just released the latest version of its kiosk software (v1.5.215), which includes two enhancements: reservation completion and coupon acceptance. [More]

Modern Technology is a Friend of the Self Storage Industry

by Kim Kilpatrick February 8, 2011 10:03 AM
“Computers are our friends.” The line is so iconic that it is difficult to figure out exactly where it originated. Over the years it has become not just computers, but modern technology that has been perceived as ‘our friends.’ Modern technology allows to do all sorts of things that as close as a few years ago people thought were impossible. The only problem is in figuring out how to use modern technology in order to see how friendly it can be. [More]

Don’t Burn Your Stored Books Yet -- Scholars Say Bound Books More Accurate Than Google

by John Stevens September 13, 2010 3:51 PM
Have rumors of the demise of the hardbound book been greatly exaggerated? Some scholars, especially linguists, say so. Google Books is being criticized by a growing number of sources for providing inaccurate metadata -- the informational tags that tell searchers what they can hope to find in a given source. If you are making decisions about what to do with books saved in a self storage unit based on the possibility of finding texts online using Google Books, you may want to think again -- and hold onto stored books a little longer. [More]