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Self-Storage Association Members Join Fight Against Terrorism

by John Stevens November 2, 2009 10:09 AM
At the request of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Self Storage Association (SSA) has notified its 6,000 members, its state association affiliates and their members, and thousands of individual self-storage facility managers and operators, of the potential for self-storage units to be used by terrorists. Investigators believe that people planning acts of domestic terrorism, or terrorism within U.S. borders, could use self-storage facilities as a place to store illegal materials or to assemble them. The SSA advised its members to notify their local Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately if they observe anything that makes them suspect that terrorist, suspicious, or illegal behavior may be in progress.

The DHS has recruited quite a few leaders from various businesses to be part of an anti-terrorism task force called the DHS Commercial Facilities Subsector Coordinating Council of the Infrastructure Protection Task Force. For this task force, DHS focuses on sectors of the real estate and other commercial industries that may be potential terrorism targets or that have the potential to be used by or come into contact with potential terrorists. The SSA participates with this task force as well, and the SSA and its members have done everything that they can to aid authorities since September 11, 2001. [More]