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NAPO to Give Organizing Excellence Award to Waste Not Center

by Winnie Hsiu March 19, 2010 5:35 PM
The National Organization of Professional Organizers has decided to grant its 2010 Organizing Excellence Award to the Waste Not Center of Columbus, Ohio. The award will be presented by Sheila Delson, NAPO’s Awards Committee Chair, at NAPO’s 22nd Annual Conference and Organizing Exposition. The Conference will be held in Columbus from April 21 to 24.

The Waste Not Center is a center dedicated to storing, organizing, and recycling supplies that would otherwise be thrown away. It receives donations of art and office supplies from businesses and individuals, organizes them with its other donations, and stores them. The donations accepted by the Waste Not Center include paper, pads, notebooks, paint, brushes, glue, fabric, pens, markers, foam core, vases, silk flowers, books, videos, folders, envelopes, pencils, and containers. It makes these materials available to artists, teachers, and community organizations for no cost other than a small annual membership fee. On an average day, the Waste Not Center provides about 1500 pounds of material and supplies to between 30 and 40 clients. If its members were to buy the same supplies and materials commercially, they would, collectively, spend an estimated $4,500 each week, or about $250,000 each year. In many cases, therefore, the Waste Not Center gives its members supplies that they could not otherwise afford. [More]

Access Self Storage Makes Donation to Texas Education

by John Stevens February 23, 2010 4:16 PM
Access Self Storage, of Red Oak, Texas, announced this week that it is donating $405 to the Red Oak Independent School District Education Foundation. Access raised the money during its grand opening. The company donated a sum of money on behalf of each person who attended its grand opening. The opening was promoted as a fundraiser for the education foundation, and was advertised on KBEC radio, which tried to encourage a large turnout. [More]