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Packing and Moving Tips

by Holly Robinson June 13, 2013 7:02 PM
The peak moving season (between May 1 and September 30) is now upon us. When potential customers visit your self storage facility, give them a flyer that lists ideas that can help them through their packing and moving experience. Here are some ideas that you can include in your flyer. [More]

8 Tips to Make Moving Easier

by Kim Kilpatrick May 15, 2012 3:25 PM
Many self storage businesses also offer moving services. If your business does, this could be an untapped way for reaching out and helping your potential customers.

Consider creating a flyer of moving tips to hand out to individuals who come to your office checking out your moving services. Or, you could also put that information on your website. This type of information is very valuable for those who have never before had to relocate their homes. [More]

Tips for Self Storage Managers on Collecting Late Rent

by Tony Gonzalez February 7, 2012 10:40 AM
There are lots of excuses for not paying rent on a storage unit: I lost my job; I wrecked my car and have unexpected bills; I needed the money for medicine for my sick kids. Many owners and managers of self storage facilities do not like having to collect on delinquent rent. If you are one of these managers, there are several steps that you can take to prevent some of the hassles of collecting overdue rent. [More]

Packing and Storing Tips for Self Storage Customers

by John Stevens December 22, 2011 1:35 PM
When prospective clients visit your self storage facility, give them a guide on how to pack and store their belongings. Customers appreciate the tips and hints because they are from the experts. When you create your tips sheet, be sure to include the following information. [More]

Tips For Building A Self Storage Unit

by Kim Kilpatrick October 25, 2011 10:50 PM
Larry Haug is an expert when it comes to the mini-storage business. Not only has he built plenty of them, he also owns them. He is the owner of his own construction company, Haug Steel Construction, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He is also the owner of 250 mini-storage units. [More]

Keep Remotes Away From Toddlers During Moving and Packing

by John Stevens June 4, 2010 12:14 PM
The biggest danger most people associate with moving is the likelihood of a strained back or sore muscles. But health news this week is reminding us that if young children are around, it is wise to be especially careful while packing or unpacking electronic gadgets that might contain lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries, which look like buttons, are used to provide power for everything from television remote controls to singing electronic greeting cards. It is very important to keep electronic gadgets -- especially remote controls -- away from children. If parents rely on television to entertain children while they pack or move, they must make sure that children are not left alone with a remote control. Even a toddler can remove the button battery from a television remote -- with disastrous or fatal consequences. [More]

Use Self Storage to Minimize Holiday Moving Stress

by Kim Kilpatrick December 18, 2009 8:11 AM
The holidays are the last time of the year that most people want to move. Holiday stress is bad enough without adding moving stress to the equation. If you have to move over the holidays, though, there are ways to make the experience less stressful. Moving companies have begun to advise their clients who move at this time of the year to use self-storage as a way to minimize moving stress at this time of the year.

The basic idea behind reducing the stress of a move is to spread the move out over a longer period, if you can. One way to do this is to move anything that you do not need daily access to into storage. These items might include: seasonal clothing and decorations (things you will need in the spring, summer or fall, but not now), books that you do not need to consult regularly, CDs and DVDs that you do not anticipate needing right away, family photos and document archives, extra linens, outdoor furniture and outdoor toys, dishes that you save for special occasions, materials for craft projects and hobbies that you do not have time to work on while you are in the middle of moving, etc. Moving some items into storage has several advantages: [More]

Using Self-Storage to Prepare for the Holidays

by Kim Kilpatrick November 23, 2009 7:05 AM
Self-storage companies around the country are offering tips to help people with the process of decluttering in preparation for the holidays. While many people like to store things in their closets, basements, and attics, others find that using self-storage greatly reduces the stress of the holidays. Using a self-storage unit can reduce stress in the following ways:

A self-storage unit provides parents with a way to rotate unused toys out of circulation. Most parenting experts recommend that parents leave only a few toys out at a time for children to play with. When the current set of toys ceases to interest children, parents can rotate them into storage and rotate other toys out. It is best to keep only as many toys in circulation as children can reasonably be expected to put away on their own.... [More]