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Latin American Self Storage Industry Takes a Big Step Forward in Brazil

by Holly Robinson July 29, 2013 10:26 PM
Every business—self storage or otherwise-- has to start somewhere; usually at the bottom. Once someone becomes the first than others typically follow suit effectively laying the groundwork for serious expansion. When said groundwork is laid the next step is proving the ability to step up to the next level is there. [More]

New Technology Could Improve Marketing Efforts for Self Storage Industry

by Kim Kilpatrick April 3, 2012 4:23 PM
There are many things that likely bother owners in the self storage industry. One of those things has to be how to figure out what marketing efforts are successful or not, and if so are they worth the money that is being paid for them. A new software package by a leading self storage software provider could go a long way to helping facilities figure that out. [More]

Technology is the Wave of the Future in Self Storage

by Kim Kilpatrick August 10, 2011 7:01 PM
Many years ago when computers cost even more than they do now and did a whole lot less, consumers were led to believe that computers are our friends. Movies like 1983’s War Games with Mathew Broderick tried to get us to believe computers just wanted to play tic tac toe and destroy the world. Fast forward to modern times and technology has become as integral a part of our lives as food and water. [More]

Cutting Edge is the Key to Success in Self Storage

by John Stevens June 16, 2011 4:45 PM
One of the most common frustrations that users of electronics have is that what they buy, thinking it is cutting edge, quickly becomes just the opposite in a matter of months. If the electronics are for personal use, people tend to overlook it (unless they absolutely must have the latest toys and gadgets), but for the business world not being on the cutting edge can mean the difference between success and failure. [More]