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Wouldn't it be nice if packing for a move was as easy as renting a truck and tossing armfuls of clothing, dishes and furniture in the back? Sadly, we all know how that would turn out. To make the process a little simpler, check out these helpful pre-packing tips that will maximize space, minimize damage and increase efficiency during your next move.

Are Your Boxes Worth The Weight?

To ensure everything is packed safely, pack everything possible in sturdy moving-grade boxes. These hold their form and are made to easily stack together for your convenience and maximize space in trucks. All Extra Space Storage locations have boxes, tape, and other supplies to make your move easier.

Bubblewrap... CHECK

If items aren’t able to fit in boxes, make sure they are wrapped and secured properly.

Don't lose your screws

Before loading larger items like furniture, make sure any items that can be disassembled are broken down and the necessary pieces are loaded in similar areas. Tape any screws or bolts to the wrapping of items or designate a special box for small hardware pieces. Also, make sure each individual piece is clearly labeled as to what it is and the furniture it belongs to.

Label everything
If you love it, put a label on it

Label everything. Make sure the label says what the item is, what the box contains, who the contents belong to, and where the item will be going to. This saves time and confusion later and dramatically speeds up the unpacking process.

Tape dispenser
You can never have too much padding

When packing items into boxes, make sure to use ample padding, plastic wrap, and tape to reduce the possibility of breakage or damage.

Lift with your legs... or a dolly

Be sure to rent or buy a hand truck or dolly to make moving heavier items easier and to cut down the physical stress lifting heavy items can have on people.