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Wendy and Dean opening presents

Giving Back to Houston Families For Christmas

The floodwaters have receded, but many families affected by Hurricane Harvey are still rebuilding. Extra Space Storage wanted to lend a helping hand, so we asked families in need to send us their holiday wish lists.

After reading many heartfelt submissions, we chose three families for a special holiday surprise at an Extra Space Storage location in Houston.

Kenewah Davis

Kenewah and her four daughters lost their home to Harvey, and eventually they had to move to a new apartment. Unfortunately, many of their personal possessions did not survive the floodwaters, including small kitchen appliances and electronic devices. “I try to keep a positive attitude, because it’s the right thing to do,” Kenewah said.

Wendy Christoph

Wendy and her 12-year-old autistic grandson, Dean, were trying to put their lives back together after the hurricane. Dean’s toys were an important part of his inner world, and he was distraught when they were damaged. The family’s washer and dryer were broken beyond repair, so they needed a way to replace them.

Traci Stephens

Traci didn’t qualify for enough assistance to replace everything she lost after the hurricane. She just wanted to get back to her normal life, but her family still needed new beds and furniture. “Harvey tore us apart and brought us together at the same time,” Traci said.

Extra Space Storage was happy to spread some cheer by making these families’ holiday wishes come true.

Wendy and Dean opening presents
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