18 Baby Room Ideas for Storage & Organization

Having a baby is an exciting time for anyone, but creating a nursery with enough baby room storage can be a challenge! It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment, need to accommodate multiple children, or just can’t seem to locate the right place to store your baby’s things—these 18 creative storage ideas can help!

Use a Dresser as a Changing Table

Traditional changing tables are bulky and can take up too much space in a nursery. One way to optimize nursery storage is to use a dresser in place of a changing table. Simply put a changing pad on top of the dresser, then use the drawers for storing diapers, wipes, creams, and baby clothes. The dresser can also be kept as your child grows, so you can save space and have the storage you need for the future.

Try Handy Drawer Organizers

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An excellent baby clothing storage idea is using drawer organizers in the dresser. They help maximize space and make it easier to find specific items. Instead of being randomly thrown in a drawer, socks can go in one organizer, onesies in another, and so on.

File Fold Everything

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Another genius idea for baby room storage is file folding your baby’s clothing. This not only creates more space in drawers and storage baskets, but it means everything is easier to see, as well. Use this method when folding clothing, blankets, and even bibs!

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Mount Floating Shelves

Floating wall shelves are lifesavers if you’re looking for baby storage ideas for small places because they utilize vertical storage, preserving valuable floor space. Keep baby supplies like diapers and wipes up on these shelves, or move your baby’s toys and books to this area!

Install Bookshelves on the Wall

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Another useful wall storage idea for your baby room is wall bookshelves. Thin ledge shelves allow you to display picture books without traditional bookcases taking up precious floor space. As a result, you will have a much easier time sorting through books before storytime.

Add Wall Hooks

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If there are miscellaneous baby items that you don’t have a place for, wall hooks can be a simple storage solution. They’re a convenient way to store clothing items, bibs, or small toys in your baby’s nursery. You can even create an easy decor piece by displaying cute coats and accessories from a shelf with clothing hooks.

Create a DIY Pegboard

If you’re a parent trying to create a cute baby room with storage, use a pegboard! This DIY baby room idea is easy to install and is customizable with pegs, hooks, and baskets. While floating shelves have a clean, airy effect on a room, a pegboard adds fun and personality to organization. Hang the board near the dresser or changing table to make diapers, wipes, and the rest of your baby supplies easy to grab.

Test Out an A-Shaped Floor Shelf

An A-shaped shelf is a perfect way to combine baby room decor with storage space! In addition to being a fantastic modern alternative to the traditional bookcase, these shelves are also great for storing toys, baskets, and other nursery decor items.

Store Blankets on a Ladder

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Do you need baby blanket storage ideas? Use a ladder! Not only is this a good way to display cuddly warm blankets, but a ladder takes up minimal space, leaving room to incorporate other nursery furniture, such as a rocking chair.

Choose Storage Baskets Wisely

Baby storage baskets are essential to keeping a nursery organized and saving space. Storage baskets that are themed or vibrantly colored can be cute additions to the space, and neutral colors are great if you would like to repurpose them as your baby gets older! They can also easily transition into a kid’s room, guest bedroom, or living room when no longer needed in the nursery.

Organize Small Items with Plastic Baskets

Small baby items like pacifiers, nail clippers, creams, and more are easy to misplace when not stored properly. The best way to organize these items is with small plastic baskets that can fit inside of drawers or on top of dressers and shelves. That way you can find what you need without trouble!

Opt for a Toy Storage Bag

Looking for toy storage ideas for your nursery? Get a foldable toy bag! Having these as a storage solution for baby toys has become quite popular among parents. Not only do they come in a range of colors and sizes, but they can also be folded up and stored anywhere, making playtime cleanup a breeze.

Pick a Sturdy Trunk

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A trunk can be a great option for nursery toy storage or a place to store extra baby clothes or supplies. Trunks come in a range of sizes and styles to fit your nursery and your storage needs. You can even set other storage solutions like baskets or bins on top!

Use Over-the-Door Storage

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When trying to optimize your baby room’s storage, consider using an over the door organizer! You can store anything from clothing to accessories and even diaper-changing supplies. Over the door storage can come with pockets, hooks, shelves, and more!

Design a Rolling Diaper Station

Do you have a small changing table or dresser? Store your diapers on wheels! Rolling storage carts are small and perfect for diaper storage, as well as holding baby wipes and other changing items. And the best thing about a rolling cart is it can be moved around the nursery or other rooms in your home!

Put Extra Hardware in the Baby Closet

With good planning, you can set up the closet in your baby’s room to keep things clean and organized! Consider adding extra hanging rods, shoe risers, or shelving to keep everything in place without looking cluttered, making finding baby clothes and accessories much easier.

Hang Multiple Items on One Hanger

Baby clothes don’t take up a lot of space, and you can often fit more than one item on the same hanger. Especially if your nursery closet is small, this is a fantastic tip for organizing and storing all of your baby’s clothes without overcrowding the closet.

Stay Organized with Closet Dividers

One way to make storing baby clothes and staying organized easier is by using dividers on closet rods. While there are plenty of ways to organize a closet, it’s a good idea to organize your newborn’s closet according to size. At least for the first few months, you’re more likely to need a new size than additional clothing items.


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