DIY Theater: Instructional Video to Turn Moving Boxes into Fun

Have any cardboard boxes laying around? Put them to use and entertain yourself, kids, or grandchildren for hours with this 5-minute DIY project. Not only will this project turn your phone into a personal movie theater, but it will also keep your neck pain free. A list of needed materials and step-by-step instructions are below!



  • 1 small or medium cardboard, moving box
  • Scissors (or X-ACTO knife)
  • Clear tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Smart phone (or tablet)


Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Cut off top panels of the box

The easiest way to cut through cardboard is to use a knife versus a pair of scissors. You will find that your blade will cut easier and your hands won’t get in the way. However, this is not recommended for children.

  1. Trace phone & cut out

After cutting off the top panels and flipping the cardboard box over to the opposite side, use a marker to trace the outline of your phone or tablet.

Cut out the first, or top, layer of the cardboard using the recently drawn outline. Then measure a half inch or so from the short sides and draw a line across the second layer. This will eventually provide a shelf for your phone to rest on. Now, cut out the second, or bottom, layer of cardboard leaving the half inch segments alone.

  1. Tape layers together

Use four pieces of tape to secure the two layers together.

  1. Draw & cut out arch

All that’s left is to make an opening for yourself. Draw an arch on either of the box’s sides that match up with long side of the phone placeholder. Be sure to draw an arch big enough to fit your head and neck comfortably, but small enough to reduce the amount of light coming through. Cut out, try on, and make any adjustments necessary.

  1. Enjoy!

Now you can lay down, relax, and enjoy a much-deserved movie in the comfort of your very own moving-box theater.