21 Creative & Cute DIY School Supplies

Your child’s school supply list seems to grow every year, which means your back-to-school shopping can get more expensive. But with a few creative tips and DIY hacks, you can make your own affordable school supplies in no time! Check out our DIY school supplies list and kick the year off in style!

Fashion a DIY Pencil Case

With a DIY pencil case, it’s easy to keep pens, crayons, sharpies, pencils, and other supplies in one organized place. Stitch a fabric case or customize a metal one with a downloadable design. This metal case idea from Design & Unwind is great for creating any theme or style your child likes.

Personalize a Pencil Holder

There’s no better way to make a desk stand out than with a custom pencil holder. A DIY pencil holder can be made with simple household items and is a fun, affordable project for students of all ages! Is your child a Harry Potter fan? Learn how to make a DIY mason jar pencil holder in their favorite Hogwarts colors here!

Make a DIY Desk Organizer with Recycled Items

Not sure what to do with all of those empty tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls? Use them to make a DIY desk organizer! This handy holder creates an excellent spot to store pens, markers, crayons, and pencils on a desk at school.

Customize Writing Utensils

Brightening up pens and pencils means homework will never be boring again! Cover pencils with colorful confetti, vibrant patterns with washi tape, or recycled book pages. If you’re a do-it-yourself pro, try these clay-covered pens from DIY Candy!

Make Cute Pencil Toppers

These adorable pencil toppers, pencil sharpeners, and pencil holders school supply ideas from Aww Sam look good enough to eat! Each cute school supplies item require cheap materials and take less than ten minutes to make.

Design Your Own Notebooks

Take notebooks from drab to fab with a few craft supplies! We love this idea for DIY back-to-school notebooks from Momtastic. You can also make your own notebooks if you want school supplies that are truly one of a kind!

Assemble Cool Locker Organizers

Help your child personalize their locker with fun DIY locker decor! Keep supplies neat with duct tape organizers, hang pictures and a class schedule with cute emoji magnets, or put up stick-on wallpaper for added style.

Give Binders a Pop of Color

Add a little flair to binders by creating colorful patterns with washi tape! Follow this simple DIY binder cover tutorial from I Heart Naptime to really make binders pop!

Build a Few Pocket Folders

Say goodbye to plain folders and make some vibrant DIY pocket folders instead! This simple tutorial from Damask Love will inspire you to make folders in all colors and patterns.

Protect Books with Fabric Covers

Trade those boring brown paper book covers for something sturdy and unique. DIY fabric book covers are easy to make, affordable, and a great way to make books or journals stand out. Because glue is required, make sure to use books you already own.

Go with Leather Covers for Books

Looking for a stylish way to make your teen’s school supplies stand out? This fashionable leather book cover will protect books, notebooks, or tablets, and can easily be transferred from one item to the next.

Create Your Own Bookmarks

With DIY bookmarks, your little ones will be eager to dive into their reading assignments! You can make bookmarks out of affordable materials like popsicle sticks, pom poms, colored paper, and fabric. Learn how to make DIY unicorn bookmarks for book corners!

Turn Paper Clips into Hearts

If you already have a few paper clips at home, upgrade them with this DIY school supply tip that doesn’t require a trip to the store. See how to fold a paper clip into a heart here.

Use Washi Tape to Upgrade Binder Clips

Keep your student’s papers, homework, and research all organized with decorative binder clips. This simple DIY hack will give their school supplies a little bit of personality!

Enhance Your Stapler

School supplies don’t get much creative than a stapler that looks like your kid’s favorite animal! This DIY panda stapler is a cool way to make a regular mini stapler the most adorable school supply on their desk!

Craft Your Own Push Pins

Need to spice up a school locker cork board? This easy DIY push pin decor idea from Modcloth only requires nail polish. Whether your child loves the look of glitterpom poms, or buttons, there’s a push pin art tutorial for you!

Upgrade Your Clipboards

Give a clipboard a fun makeover with washi tape, stencils, stickers, and more! Or create your own clipboard from scratch with this quick tutorial from Living Chic on the Cheap.

Put Custom Labels on Supplies

This DIY school supply idea is perfect for keeping elementary school supplies from getting lost. You can design custom labels for your child that can fit on anything from scissors and glue to pencils and notebooks.

Opt for a DIY School Backpack

Buying a new backpack can be expensive! Upgrade a used or plain backpack with iron-on patches, zipper tassels, or colorful pins. You can also use fabric safe paint to add polka dots, stripes, and other fun designs. Learn how to make this DIY rainbow watercolor backpack tutorial for less than $20.

Design a Custom Backpack Tag

Perfect for elementary school kids, DIY backpack name tags are a great way to make your child’s book bag stand out. You can make an easy and colorful shrink film backpack tag or download personalized printable paper tags that come in a range of designs.

Bring Lunch to School in Style

With a little creativity, you can design a custom lunch bag to perfectly fit your kid’s unique style! Use fabric, leather, or even duct tape to make a custom bag that will last for years of school lunches.

With this handy DIY school supplies list, going back to school has never been more fun! Looking for more back-to-school ideas? Discover tips on how you can get your kids ready for the new school year.

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