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31 DIY Holiday Decorations for Your Home

You don’t need expensive decorations to prepare your home for the holidays! Save money and get creative this season by adding your own crafts to your holiday decor. Below, we share ideas for easy DIY holiday decorations that will brighten up your home from Thanksgiving all the way to New Year’s!

Make Giant Outdoor Ornaments

Giant Balloons that Look Like Christmas Ornaments. Photo by Instagram user @bigassballoons

Photo via @bigassballoons

Looking for unique DIY outdoor Christmas decorations? These giant ornaments are a fun way to decorate your porch, balcony, or patio. All you need is a few giant bouncy balls, a metal pail, and some superglue to create this festive item!

Design Cheery, No-Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkins make the perfect canvas for your holiday decorations! Use colorful acrylic paint to draw patterns, or use pom-poms and felt letters to give your pumpkin a beautiful makeover. Try this stylish polka dot pumpkin for your entryway or as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table!

Light Up Your Space with Lanterns

Fill your home with the soft light of DIY paper lanterns. Choose paper colors like orange and red for fall, or use white and blue for winter celebrations! Print the free template from this DIY paper lantern tutorial on cardstock, add a few LED tea lights, and hang them throughout your home!

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Use Wine Glasses for Centerpieces

Candle Holders Crafted From Upside Down Wine Glasses on Dinner Table. Photo by Instagram user @casapauladeco

Photo via @casapauladeco

Wine glasses aren’t just for enjoying your favorite Pinot. They’re also great for holiday decorations! With a little spray paint and tea candles, you can turn wine glasses into your favorite holiday table centerpiece. Surround them with leaves, pine cones, or greenery to dress them up for the holiday or season.

Hang Homemade Stockings

Homemade stockings look great on mantels, walls, and stairways. These woodland creature stockings are perfect for kids and adults alike, while these simple felt stockings are a great way to add holiday cheer!

Construct a Rustic Wood Banner

Wood Slice Banner That Spells Out Gather Hanging on Wall. Photo by Instagram user @slicedcreation

Photo via @slicedcreation

This DIY wooden holiday decoration is excellent for hanging over the fireplace, along a stairwell, or in a window. All you need are a few wood slices, twine, scissors, a drill, transfer paper, pens and a marker, and a printer!

Carve Pumpkin Candle Holders

Several Sizes and Colors of Pumpkins Carved Out to be Candle Holders. Photo by Instagram user @theartofsimple

Photo via @theartofsimple

Pumpkin candle holders aren’t just an easy holiday decoration. They’re also fun accents for a fall party! These mini pumpkin candle holders can be used with a runner for a Thanksgiving table arrangement. Or try this DIY candle holder with faux pumpkins, melted wax, and LED tea lights.

Build Wood Pallet Christmas Trees

Homemade Christmas Tree Made out of Wooden Pallets. Photo by Instagram user @rona.ca

Photo via @rona.ca

With a little creativity, wooden pallets can easily be turned into Christmas trees! These DIY pallet trees can be made in all sizes and colors and make great yard Christmas decorations.

Create Sock Snowmen

Do you love making snowmen? Ditch the snow for a collection of mismatched socks, and turn a few of them into snowmen that will last all season! These DIY sock snowmen are made with rice, rubber bands, and buttons.

Fashion Your Own Cornucopia

Homemade Cornucopia Sitting on Rustic Dinner Table. Photo by Instagram user @joannevictorio

Photo via @joannevictorio

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Try making this DIY cornucopia! Made with affordable materials like twine, chicken wire, burlap, and raffia, this holiday decoration is easy to make and will be the perfect centerpiece for your dinner table.

Turn Glass Jars into Snow Globes

With some festive figurines, glitter, and glue, you can transform ordinary jars into gorgeous snow globes. For a snow globe with water, follow this DIY snow globe tutorial that kids will love! You can also fill any large glass jar or vase with sugar and add plastic trees, reindeer, or a cabin to create a winter scene.

Design Adorable Candy Sleighs

DIY candy sleighs are cute (and delicious) holiday decorations to put together, and they make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, and kids! Use candy canes for the runners, your favorite mini candy bars for the sleigh, and colorful ribbons to tie it all together. You can even add a chocolate Santa inside the sleigh!

Make Wine Cork Reindeer

Small Homemade Reindeer Made From Corks from Wine Bottles. Photo by Instagram user @emilymichael1

Photo via @emilymichael1

Have you been saving wine corks? Turn them into reindeer! This DIY wine cork reindeer project only requires three corks, sewing pins, pipe cleaners, and glue! These little reindeer can even be paired with your DIY candy sleighs for a complete decoration!

Decorate with Wooden Stars

Homemade Wooden Stars Wrapped in Christmas Lights Hanging on Wall in Home. Photo by Instagram user @joelsp84

Photo via @joelsp84

DIY wooden stars make perfect Christmas and Hanukkah decorations! Hang them from tree branches outside to create your own winter wonderland! Or hang them inside on the walls of your entryway, living room, or dining room. All you need to make these stars are a few thin pieces of wood, string lights, and glue.

Assemble Paper Plate Lollipops

DIY Lollipops in Ground Next to Driveway. Photo by Instagram user @chanelleks

Photo via @chanelleks

Giant lollipops are cute and require minimal assembly! Turn your driveway or porch into Candyland lane, or prop a few in a large vase near your front door. You just need paper plates, some paint, plastic wrap, and wooden rods to make these DIY lollipops.

Create Presents for Your Yard

Make your yard festive and bright with these DIY holiday yard decorations that look like giant presents! Spray paint a concrete block and wrap it with textured tape to make your gift box, or you can place plastic containers over lights and add velcro ribbons to get a beautiful light-up display!

Add a Pallet Turkey to the Porch

Wood pallets are plentiful, affordable, and are the perfect material to use for a DIY pallet turkey! After cutting and drilling the wood pallets to a turkey shape, use acrylic paint for the feathers, spray paint for the body, and buttons, cabinet knobs, or felt for the eyes.

Toast in Style with Glass Fringe

New Year's Eve Champagne Glass with Golden Accents. Photo by Instagram user @alisoninspires

Photo via @alisoninspires

Add gold accents to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with glass and bottle fringe! This simple DIY project turns ordinary glasses into pieces of art. Simply add fringe to the bottom of sparkly gold embossed paper and glue or tape them onto champagne flutes!

Go with Festive Window Decorations

Need holiday decorations for your windows? Use colorful ornaments to make a DIY ornament window garland, or construct some homemade snowflake window clings.

Create Mason Jar Votives

Not only are DIY mason jar votives an elegant and fun way to brighten up any holiday table, but they’re also fantastic gifts to give. All you need are a few jars, some paint, and small tea lights to make this decor item that’s perfect for any holiday!

Have Fun with Tissue Paper

DIY Star Decorations Made out of Tissue Paper. Photo by Instagram user @doilyface

Photo via @doilyface

From a beautiful tissue paper wreath to tissue paper star ornaments, there’s no shortage of possibilities for DIY holiday decor with tissue paper! It’s incredibly affordable and easy to work with, making it a great project for kids to help work on.

Craft a Few Holiday Trees

Homemade Glossy, Marbled Decorative Christmas Trees. Photo by Instagram user @persialou

Photo via @persialou

You don’t need real pine to have a tree! Add some festive holiday decor to your home with DIY glossy marbled trees. These black and white paper trees are ideal for modern decor, while these kid-friendly button and yarn topiaries are adorable DIY decorations that can translate to any season.

Give Wine Bottles a Winter Makeover

Santa and Snowman Table Decorations Made Out of Wine Bottles. Photo by Instagram user @partypadindia

Photo via @partypadindia

Transform empty wine bottles into cute holiday home decor! With a little paint and a few rhinestones, you can turn wine bottles into a winter trio with Santa, a snowman, and a reindeer!

Make Your Own Tree Ornaments

One great spot to display your DIY holiday decorations is on the tree! Kid-friendly and easy to make, DIY salt dough ornaments are ideal Christmas tree decorations and creative gifts for family. If you’re looking for an affordable decorating project, try DIY origami tree ornaments! These elegant decorations are a stunning accent to a tree, a wreath, or along a window.

Set Your Table with Seasonal Decor

Using pine cones, branches, leaves, or fruits on a holiday table is an affordable way to create a visually extravagant centerpiece. Put fresh-smelling evergreen branches in a glass vase, or add a few oranges adorned with cloves in a bowl to enjoy the smell of autumn.

Print a Paper Holiday Village

With just a printer, cardstock paper, and some downloadable templates, you can make your own DIY Christmas paper village! Add a few tea lights to turn it into a luminary display that’s as festive as it is adorable.

Adorn the Front Door with a Wreath

Homemade Wreath Made out of Sticks Hanging on Front Door. Photo by Instagram user @momendeavors

Photo via @momendeavors

Don’t forget about holiday decorations for your door! Keep it natural with this rustic pine cone wreath, or make a beautiful DIY burlap door wreath to give your front door a festive touch. For a softer look, this DIY felt holiday wreath is complete with felt evergreen sprigs and berries.

Stay Warm with a Mini Indoor Campfire

Faux Campfire Made from Foil, Fabric, Rocks, and Lights. Photo by Instagram user @craftgawker

Photo via @craftgawker

Looking for holiday decor ideas that kids can help make? Kids of all ages will love creating this DIY flameless campfire! All you need are sticks, small rocks, strips of fabric, glue, lights, and foil!

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Drape the Stairs in Garland

When decorating your home for winter holidays, don’t forget the staircase. Make a few DIY holiday garlands to adorn the railing like a whimsical star garland made with cookie cutters! For a more subtle look, this DIY gold triangle garland is perfect to hang even after the holidays.

Celebrate with DIY Party Hats

DIY New Years Eve Party Hats. Photo by Instagram user @deetsandthings

Photo via @deetsandthings

Need party hat ideas for your New Year’s Eve soiree? Construct some hats with sparkly tinsel out of leftover decorations, or wow your friends with this paper gemstone crown that won’t mess up your hairdo.

Pour Some Homemade Candles

Brighten up your table, bedroom, or kitchen with some homemade candles. These multi-colored scented candleslavender rosemary candles, or pine-scented candles aren’t only gorgeous holiday decor, but they also make amazing stocking stuffers for friends and family.

With these DIY holiday decoration ideas, preparing for the season has never been more fun! Looking for even more inspiration? With these holiday party ideas, you can plan and organize a festive gathering in style!


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DIY Holiday Decorations

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