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Mother’s Day Ideas: 16 Ways to Help Mom at Home

Want to surprise Mom for Mother’s Day? Show her you care by giving her garden a makeover, helping her repaint a room, or getting her home ready for sale. Whatever home improvement project you choose, Mom is sure to love any one of these 16 ways to help out around the house!

Start with Decluttering

Looking for a simple way to help Mom? Start by decluttering! When going through cabinets, closets, and storage areas, use the KonMari Method to decide which items Mom wants to sell, donate, or throw away. If she’s struggling to part with items during the home decluttering process, you can always move items into a self storage unit!

Help with Odd Jobs

cleaned up kitchen with fresh flowers on counter photo by Instagram user @myhomeemily

Photo via @myhomeemily

Surprise Mom by tackling odd jobs around the house that have been waiting on her to-do list. These jobs can vary from hanging photos, changing light bulbs, mopping the floors, or dusting vents. Regardless of whether everything on her list gets done or not, she’ll appreciate the help!

Create the Ultimate “Mom Space”

updated mom cave with bright seating and blankets with fun light photo by Instagram user @apatternedlife

Photo via @apatternedlife

Everyone needs a space that they can call their own, so make sure Mom has her own special spot to relax in at home! Turn an empty room into an office, craft room, cozy library, home gym, or dream closet. Or consider building and designing a she shed where Mom can spend time outdoors!

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Work on the Garden

Bring Mom’s garden to life with these fun DIY gardening ideas! You could build a raised garden bed to plant her favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Or help her give an existing garden a makeover with an eye-catching walkway using pavers, stone, or brick!

Design an Outdoor Living Space

outdoor living space with pergola and outdoor rug photo by Instagram user @anitayokota

Photo via @anitayokota

Give Mom’s backyard living space a refresh! Before pulling out the patio furniture, consider remodeling the patio or restain the deck. Add some string lights, torches, or lanterns for backyard lighting. Don’t forget to add a calming water feature like a fountain or stream!

Take Care of the Landscaping

well manicured lawn in front of modern white home photo by Instagram user @homes_in_utah

Photo via @homes_in_utah

Show Mom your appreciation by helping out with a landscaping project! Create some privacy with tall evergreen trees. Add fresh mulch to the edging around the front of the house. Build her a DIY fire pit. Whichever DIY landscape design project you decide to do, Mom will love it.

Update the Paint

board and batten wall with green paint and modern furniture in the room photo by Instagram user @xomyhome

Photo via @xomyhome

A simple home renovation you can surprise Mom with is refreshing the paint colors inside her home! Create an accent wall to glam up a home office or living room. Touch up the existing beiges, whites, and grays in her kitchen. Or repaint the master bedroom with calming colors like light lilac or ice blue.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Update Mom’s kitchen with some simple home improvement projects! Install a DIY backsplash or paint the cabinets. Pick out new hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers, too. Update kitchen lighting with more modern pendant lights. Or give Mom the deep farmhouse sink she’s always wanted!

Organize the Kitchen

well organized kitchen pantry using plastic bins photo by Instagram user @stello_style

Photo via @stello_style

Help Mom organize the kitchen by cleaning out the fridge, pantry, and cabinets. Donate items that Mom no longer needs to local food pantries and shelters. Use wicker baskets and clear containers for storing food, spices, and other pantry items. Also, make sure items like coffee and snacks are kept in easy-to-reach places!

Maximize Closet Organization

well organized closed with shoes on the door photo by Instagram user @theprojectneat

Photo via @theprojectneat

Is Mom struggling to keep her closet organized? Incorporate smart closet storage systems! Add a shoe rack to a coat closet in the hall. Install multiple rods and shelves in a small reach-in closet for more storage. Or create a custom walk-in closet with built-in shelves, cabinets, and drawers!

Give the Bedroom a Refresh

clean bedroom with gallery wall with dog photos and updated wood flooring photo by Instagram user @fashionablykay

Photo via @fashionablykay

Mom’s bedroom is a place for her to unwind and relax after a long day. So why not help her with a bedroom refresh! Start with helping her dust everything, including ceiling fans, blinds, and baseboards that are hard to reach. Wash bedding, replace old pillows with new ones, and vacuum the floors. Once all of the cleaning is done, help her arrange and organize bedroom furniture to maximize space!

Renovate an Outdated Bathroom

new bathroom with shiplap on the wall and subway tiles in shower and pedestal sink photo by Instagram user @carlanatalia__

Photo via @carlanatalia__

If Mom’s bathroom is in need of an update, help her out with a bathroom remodel! Incorporate subway tiles in the shower. Replace the chunky bathroom vanity for a simple pedestal sink. Install a low-flow toilet and switch out faucets and shower heads for more energy-efficient options. And don’t forget about changing out the floors!

Clean Out the Basement

basement storage space with metal shelves and storage bins photo by Instagram user @abbyorganizes

Photo via @abbyorganizes

Lend Mom a hand by cleaning and organizing the basement! Create a storage area with sturdy open shelving to hold seasonal decorations, sentimental items, and sporting gear. Be sure to use plastic air-tight storage containers to keep bugs and moisture out. And make sure to use labels on all containers so Mom can find items quickly when she needs them!

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Make Over the Laundry Room

Transform Mom’s laundry room into a neat and tidy space that makes doing laundry easier! Create a folding area by installing a drop-down folding table or a butcher block over the washer-dryer. Put up shelves for storing detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry items. And hang clothing rods for any items that need to be air-dried.

Prep the House for Sale

Is Mom selling her home? Work with her to get her home listed on the market and ready for potential buyer walkthroughs! Clean up the curb appeal around the outside of the house. Lend a hand with some DIY real estate photography for online listings. Or try home staging to help the house sell faster!

Get Ready for Retirement

If Mom is downsizing for retirement, now’s a good time to help out! Spend a weekend helping Mom sort through the sentimental items that she’s saved over the years. Get everything organized for donations and garage sales. And pack up and label the items that will be moved to Mom’s new home.


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