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14 Ideas for Hiding Gifts Around the House

Looking for creative hiding places for gifts this holiday season? From classic hiding spots like the closet or attic to more creative hidden storage ideas, there are plenty of places around your home where you can keep presents out of sight. Check out this list of the 14 best places to hide gifts at home!

Hide Gifts in Plain Sight

Where better to hide gifts than where no one would think to look? Disguise presents as holiday decor—like a festive snowman made of gifts stacked on top of each other. Tuck small presents into a decorative tree or in stockings. Or add gift boxes to a wreath with velcro, so that they can be easily removed.

Stick Them Under the Bed

Under Bed Storage Container. Photo by Instagram user @ikeausa

Photo via @ikeausa

Under the bed is already an ideal spot for storing extra linens, sweaters, and other items that can fit in storage baskets, storage tubs, or drawers, which means it’s a great place for keeping presents out of sight. Be sure to tuck presents under other items for extra stealthy stashing!

Stow Stuff in Your Dresser

Drawer Pulled Out with Socks Showing. Photo by Instagram user @sueparkinsons

Photo via @sueparkinsons

Your dresser drawers are another good hiding spot your kids won’t be eager to touch. Hiding gifts beneath a layer of socks and underwear is a surefire way to keep them a secret! You can even try stuffing smaller gifts inside of socks for additional security.

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Keep Gifts in the Closet

Closets are another frequently used hiding spot—and even if family members try snooping there, closets have plenty of hidden storage potential. Try hiding small gifts inside the pockets of winter coats. Keep larger presents on an out-of-reach shelf. You can also make gifts blend in by tucking them inside a storage tote!

Stash Them in Suitcases

Old Suitcases Stacked Up. Photo by Instagram user @lifeandcircus

Photo via @lifeandcircus

Unless you have an upcoming trip planned, your suitcases are likely just sitting and gathering dust most of the time. This makes them good hiding places for any gift small enough to fit inside. So break out your luggage and use them for hiding toys and other gifts!

Hide Stuff in the Hamper

Two Laundry Hampers Sitting in a Bathroom. Photo by Instagram user @curver_albania

Photo via @curver_albania

Stick Christmas presents or birthday gifts inside of a linen hamper, then cover them with spare towels or bed sheets to throw family members off the trail! Unless your kids are in the habit of doing your laundry for you, hiding gifts here is a simple way to keep them a secret!

Conceal Gifts in Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom is the last place most people will think to look for presents! Try hiding gifts in a bathroom linen closet or under the sink behind cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to put them inside of a waterproof container, though, so that a leaking bottle of cleaner or dripping pipe won’t ruin your presents.

Tuck Small Gifts in Pots & Pans

Have cookware you rarely use? Use this hidden storage in your kitchen for stowing gifts! Simply convert slow cookers, roasting pans, or any other covered dishes into the perfect unexpected hiding place. Just don’t choose any cookware that’s see-through—you don’t want presents to accidentally be discovered!

Sneak Presents Behind Books

Bookshelves are excellent for secret gift storage! Stick small gifts inside of a fake book, then place it on the shelves with all the others. Or if your bookshelf has deep shelves, tuck presents behind books—particularly ones that don’t get taken off the shelf too often!

Use Your Attic Space

Finished Attic Space in a Home with Storage Bins. Photo by Instagram user @attixaust

Photo via @attixaust

Attics usually have the least traffic of anywhere in a house, which means they’re great for hiding presents for any occasion. From Christmas and Hanukkah presents to birthday and anniversary gifts and beyond, the attic is a fail-safe spot to hide presents. Use storage totes to conceal gifts or hide already-wrapped presents behind storage shelves!

Store Presents in the Basement

Your basement is probably full of storage baskets and totes! Hide gifts in containers that match the ones already there, which will help them blend in. You could even put presents in with other regular items you have in storage—like seasonal decor and clothes—to keep them extra concealed!

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Find Room in the Garage

Garages already offer a lot of storage potential, so consider using yours as a hiding place for presents! Keep gifts in cardboard boxes, then move them out into the garage where they’re not likely to be found. Or place gifts in built-in cabinets, drawers, or shelving units you may have in your garage!

Try the Trunk of Your Car

Not sure where to hide presents once you get home from the store? You can always leave them in the trunk! After all, why bother finding a new hiding place in your house when your car already has the perfect built-in secret storage space? Just remember to keep your trunk locked and your keys out of reach!

Keep Gifts in a Storage Unit

Can’t store gifts at home because there’s not enough hidden storage space? There’s always the option of self storage! A storage unit at a nearby storage facility is a great place to keep gifts tucked away from your family and friends until it’s time for them to be opened!


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Pinterest: Hiding Gifts At Home: 14 Secret Storage Ideas: Extra Space Storage
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