Bedroom Furniture Ideas for Any Design Style

Looking to furnish your bedroom or upgrade your current bedroom design? Buying the right furniture is the first step to completing any look and getting the perfect bedroom set. Check out this bedroom furniture guide to find the best beds, bedside tables, seating, and storage ideas for any home decorating style!

Type of Beds

As the centerpiece of your bedroom, the bed is the most important piece of furniture. Beds can be so much more than just a place to sleep—they can define the style of your room and even provide convenient, hidden storage space in a small home. Consider some of these bed options that provide style and function alike!

Classic Beds

Traditional beds are generally framed with a headboard and footboard and offer plenty of different options to suit a wide range of bedroom sizes and decorating styles. Some of the most popular classic beds include sleigh beds, open frame beds, and upholstered beds.


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Smaller than a typical bed, daybeds are the ideal space-saving furniture. They can act as a bench or sofa during the day and as a bed at night. If you’re looking to design a guest bedroom, home office bedroom combo, children’s bedroom, or small apartment bedroom, a daybed might be a good option!

Bookcase Bed

Want to go to bed surrounded by your favorite books? Bookcase beds aren’t just great for showing off your reading collection; they also provide convenient bedroom storage that allows you to organize your space with some flair!

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be folded up and stored in the wall to save floor space and make a small bedroom seem larger. These beds are a clever and discreet option for creating extra space in a multi-purpose room, studio apartment, or guest room!

Four-Poster Bed

You can give your bedroom a regal touch with a four-poster bed frame. This classic bed style can come in various post sizes and configurations, and it generally looks best in large bedrooms with high ceilings.

Canopy Bed

Similar to a four-poster bed, a canopy bed has posts draped with an elegant canopy for privacy and a decorative touch. You can use sheer fabric to create a more boho style effect in the room, or you can use a thick, dark canopy to bring the focus to your bed and get extra privacy.

Ottoman Bed

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An ottoman bed uses a hydraulic lift that allows you to raise the mattress and reveal hidden storage space beneath the mattress platform. If you have a small bedroom, this bed type is a clever way to get more space, as you can store clothing, blankets, bedding, shoes, and more out of sight!

Platform Bed

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These beds don’t require a box spring because the mattress sits on a flat platform. They’re typically lower to the ground and work well with modern or minimalist bedroom designs. Platform beds can also make for cool, themed beds for a kids bedroom and can give you additional storage space for toys and extra bedding.

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Bedside Furniture

Since the bed is the main focus of a bedroom, adding bedside furniture can help complete the look of your sleeping space. Even in minimalist bedrooms, furniture like a bedside table or a pair of nightstands is essential for both function and design.

Bedside Tables

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Bedside tables aren’t just ideal for holding your phone or keeping your favorite book nearby—they can also create symmetry in any bedroom. These tables come in various shapes and sizes and are also easy to build if you’re looking for a DIY project. Long, open-legged tables look great in a minimalist or feng shui bedroom, as they take up very little space if you’re not looking for more storage.


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Keep books, phones, reading glasses, and alarm clocks close with a stylish nightstand, which provides more surface space and storage than a bedside table. You can also get creative and repurpose or upcycle things like crates to create your own unique nightstand.

Built-In Nightstands

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Having a nightstand built into your headboard is a unique way to fashionably add storage to any modern bedroom. These unique nightstands generally don’t take up any floor space and make for a stylish bookshelf or display spot for sentimental photos, plants, and other bedroom knick-knacks.

Bedroom Bench

Don’t waste the space at the foot of your bed! Instead, you can put a bedroom bench there to add to your bedroom design and provide a place to sit when you’re getting ready or putting shoes on. In addition to extra seating, a bench gives you more storage space for blankets, throw pillows, and other bedroom linens.

Bedroom Chairs

Your bedroom should be comfortable and show off your style, so get an accent chair to lounge around in! Bedroom chairs make for a great place to unwind with a good book before you go to sleep, and they’re as functional as they are impactful on the style of your room!

Hanging Chair

If you have a ceiling that can hold some weight, a hanging chair is a trendy way to add seating to a Scandinavian or Bohemian style room without taking up precious floor space. Popular rattan hanging chairs can help maintain a light, airy feel in your space.

Wingback Chair

This is a classic chair that can add style to even the most modern bedrooms. Wingback chairs are generally very comfortable and feature panels at the top with tall backs to block unwanted drafts or light, while also providing a place to rest your head. These are ideal as reading chairs!

Egg Chair

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This unique rotating chair has a distinct Mid-Century Modern style that makes a statement and provides tons of comfort. Egg-shaped chairs are a dynamic alternative to a traditional wingback chair and can fit well in both modern and retro bedrooms, thanks to their timeless appeal.


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Another classic chair, the armchair has a shorter back and features side panels for resting your arms. These chairs can run a bit bigger and are a good option for bedrooms that are larger or have a dedicated sitting area.

Rocking Chair

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Rocking chairs aren’t just for front porches, gardens, and nurseries. Available in a wide range of designs and styles, rocking chairs can be used as an eclectic accent piece and cozy reading spot. After all, who doesn’t love a gentle rock back and forth in this classic chair?

Womb Chair

Much like the egg chair, the womb chair is a classic Mid-Century Modern piece of furniture and can offer more support and style than a standard armchair. This design is typically even deeper than an egg chair and gives you the ability to sink in and be surrounded by comfort.

Barrel Chair

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Available with and without legs, barrel chairs are a fun, plush seating option with a distinct shape. Barrel chairs can make a chic addition to any room without taking up too much space. These chairs are particularly great for a teen bedroom or college dorm room.

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Bedroom Storage Furniture

Do you need more space to store things like clothing, accessories, bedding, and towels? Dressers, wardrobes, and vanities offer functional storage space that can complement your bedroom’s look and feel!


One of the most common pieces of bedroom furniture, dressers offer drawer storage and a surface on top for either more storage or a place to display bedroom decor. Tall, narrow dressers save floor space, while wider dressers offer more surface space on top and usually become more of a focal point for a bedroom.


This dynamic storage piece can have drawers, cabinets, and open shelving for both storage and display purposes. A credenza can be used to store clothing but can also act as an entertainment console or TV stand in your bedroom. Generally lower to the ground than a standard dresser, credenzas can help bedroom ceilings feel taller as well.


Don’t have enough closet space in your bedroom? A wardrobe might be just what you’re looking for! These large, free-standing closets provide extra vertical storage space that’s perfect for hanging and storing your clothes—just like a closet!


Armoires became popular centuries ago when homes typically didn’t have closets, so this multi-purpose piece acted as a closet, dresser, and more. Similar to a wardrobe but with additional drawers, an armoire can add storage to a small apartment bedroom and also double as a place for a TV, mirror, or decor.


Need a place to sit down and get ready for the day? A bedroom vanity is a stylish, desk-like structure with a large mirror on top and drawers on the front, and it’s often paired with a small vanity chair. Use a vanity as a convenient place to apply makeup and store hairbrushes, combs, clippers, and other beauty products!


Cedar chests—originally designed to stave off moths and other pests—are a classic type of storage chest that you often find at the foot of a bed. Chests have long been used as deep storage furniture that can make a design statement, offer bench-like seating, or both!


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