How to Create a Man Cave at Home

Whether it’s used to unwind from a long day at work, hang out with a group of friends, watch the big game, or get in a workout, your man cave can become your ultimate at-home escape. If you’re looking for ideas for setting up your own personal hangout at home, check out these ideas for creating a man cave!

Where Should I Put My Man Cave?

This is entirely up to you! Depending on what you’re looking to build and the available space in your home, your ultimate man cave could be created in a number of locations. These are a few of the most common.

Attic or Flex Room

Don’t to know what to do an attic space or bonus room? Turn it into a man cave! Not only does this maximize existing space that was previously unused, but it can also give your man cave more privacy!


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Basements provide seclusion for your man cave! With a basement, you can have a completely separate decor and vibe from the rest of the house, meaning you can stylize it with your own personal touches.


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Because you don’t have to worry about carpet and furniture in this area of the house, a garage man cave can serve as an excellent place for a home gym, workshop, or art studio where you can get a little dirty!

Patio or Backyard

The backyard provides a great environment to grill, relax by the pool, play yard games, or just enjoy the weather. If you love being outside, a patio or deck could be the perfect spot for your man cave!

Shed or Outbuilding

Your man cave doesn’t even need to be connected to the house! A detached structure in the backyard can be transformed into a man shed—the perfect place for loud activities like cheering during a game, using power tools, or playing instruments.

Spare Bedroom

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Have an extra bedroom you’re not using? Underutilized spare bedrooms or other unused rooms in the home are blank canvases just waiting to be personalized into a man cave!

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What Theme Should My Man Cave Have?

A man cave is a personal space that should reflect your specific interests and hobbies. Whether you’re a sports nut, hardcore gamer, outdoorsman, or workout warrior, you can design a place that’s just for you! Here are cool man cave themes to inspire your setup!

Entertain with a Basement Bar

Impress your guests with a fully-stocked house bar! This is the perfect place to gather at the end of a party or mix a homemade cocktail for yourself after a long day. Center your man cave bar around the type of spirits you like to drink and the vibe you want to set. And make sure your bar has a refrigerator for storing drinks, as well as a sink for cleaning up glasses and bartending tools.

Never Miss the Big Game

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If you’re a massive sports fan, you need a place to root on your favorite team. Start by mounting a TV or projector screen that can be easily seen from all areas of your sports cave. Then add cozy seating like couches, armchairs, beanbag chairs, or bar stools at tables. Decorate your sports cave with items that represent your fandom—jerseys, posters, bobbleheads, helmets, signed memorabilia, and more! Top off your man cave with a fridge to ensure you always have cold drinks ready!

Get Ready for Movie Night

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Whether you’re an all-out movie buff or you just want a spot to watch the latest hits with friends and family, a home theater is an excellent addition to any home. Install curtains to block out unwanted sunlight, add lounge chairs or leather couches, and organize cords with a cable management box. Line the walls with acoustic panels and install surround-sound speakers. Most importantly, mount an LED TV on the wall—or step things up even further and hang a projector from the ceiling!

Take Your Man Cave Outdoors

Some of the best man caves are found outside the house! Create an outdoor living room where you can gather around a fire pit or catch up on some reading from a cozy outdoor couch. Consider constructing an outdoor kitchen or bar, where you can unleash your inner grill master. Or go big and transform your outdoor space into your dream backyard with unique features like a putting green, treehouse, pool, or entertainment deck!

Make the Ultimate Workshop

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Do you like home improvement, restoring classic cars, or woodworking? Clear out some space in the garage or construct a man shed to serve as a hub for all of your DIY projects! Install an air filtration system, purchase or build a workbench, put some shelving on the walls, and fill your man cave workshop with tools and items that’ll allow you to complete those projects you’re dying to get done!

Create the Perfect Home Gym

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Want to save money on expensive gym memberships? Create a home gym with your man cave project! Stock your garage or basement with home gym equipment like cardio machines, squat racks, dumbbells, and weight benches. Put down rubber flooring to protect the concrete underneath and ensure the room has proper ventilation. You can go the extra mile by adding in entertainment elements, such as a mounted TV or a sound system that will help you stay motivated and push through tough workouts!

Work Away from the Office

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Whether you work from home, operate a small business from home, or just want a quiet space to focus on creative projects, a home office is an ideal option for creating your man cave. Design your office space so that it provides the type of environment you’re most productive in. Maybe that’s a minimalist space with simple furniture, or maybe it’s a room decked out with artwork and cool prints to inspire your creativity!

Hold Personal Jam Sessions

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Have a passion for music? Turn a flex space or spare room into a home music studio! If you properly soundproof your man cave, you can record tracks, practice with a group, or jam for fun without the worry of bothering anyone else in the house! You can further enhance the space by repurposing old instruments as decor, such as hanging guitars on the wall or turning old drums into lamps or side tables.

Tap into Your Artistic Side

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All it takes are a few easy touches to turn a spare room, shed, or even a closet into a home art studio. Buy a spacious drafting table to work on, surround it with some wire shelving for supplies, and hang artwork on the wall for inspiration. If you utilize totes, walls, and vertical storage, art studios don’t have to take up much space, making them an excellent man cave idea for small spaces!

Turn Your Basement Man Cave into a Rec Room

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The basement is the perfect place to put a pool table, dart board, arcade game, or foosball table and make a home entertainment space. These games take up space and can be noisy, which makes them ideal for a man cave basement! Secluded from the rest of the house, you won’t need to worry about bothering others with clacking balls, spinning foosball rods, or friendly trash talk shared between buddies.

Host Poker Night

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Looking for man cave ideas for a small room? Turn an unused space into the location for your group’s next poker night! All you need to get started is a table, comfortable chairs, and a set of poker chips. Enhance the experience with elements like overhead lighting, a mounted TV, and card-inspired decor for the walls. Take your poker room to the next level with an indoor bar, beer fridge, or drink cart!

Get Your Gamer On

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Turn your man cave into a gamer’s paradise! If you’re a console gamer, invest in large flatscreen TV and a set of surround-sound speakers to immerse yourself in the game. Prefer PC gaming? Find a sturdy desk, some gaming monitors, and a gaming headset. Either way, you’ll likely be spending long hours in your gaming room, so make sure you have comfortable chairs or couches—particularly if you plan on hosting gaming parties!

Perfect Your Golf Game

Can’t make it out to the driving range? Tired of the elements canceling your golf plans? Make the ultimate golf man cave by installing an indoor golf simulator! Practice your driving, putting, and all shots in between by challenging yourself on simulated courses. Keep in mind these simulators require some space, so they’re good ideas for basements, garages, or outdoor man caves!

Go with a Bowling Alley

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Whether you love to bowl solo or play competitively, a bowling alley in a basement is an excellent man cave idea! These basement man caves may be expensive, but they’re great for hosting parties, hanging with the family, or perfecting your game so you can dominate your league.

Show Off Your Trophies

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Avid hunters bring home impressive trophies over the years, so why not put them on display in a rustic man cave! Your trophy room can exist almost anywhere—a home office, basement bar, garage workshop, or shed. Get different animals taxidermied and display them on the wall. Consider decor to complete the room’s rugged outdoor theme, such as wooden walls, a fireplace, and a homemade coffee table!

Embrace Your Inner Sommelier

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Every wine enthusiast should have an at-home wine room for collecting vintages and safely storing bottles. This type of man cave doesn’t need to be a large space—a nook under the stairs or a cool, humid room in the basement can make for a perfect wine cellar. Install a self-contained cooling unit and the proper insulation to keep your collection safe. If you plan on using this man cave to entertain, create a wine tasting atmosphere with wine racks, LED ribbon lights, and a table made from a repurposed wine barrel with stools.

Bring the Cigar Lounge Home

If your idea of relaxation involves a stogie and a glass of whiskey, put a cigar lounge in your home! You’ll need a humidor that controls temperature and humidity to preserve your cigars—look into walk-in humidors, or get a smaller version for the wall. Find some comfortable lounge chairs, add some low lighting, and you’ve got a perfect space to unwind at the end of the day. Just remember that a cigar man cave is best utilized outside on a patio or deck, or in a well-ventilated shed or outbuilding!


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