How to Create a She Shed at Home

Looking for a quiet, secluded place at home that you can call your own? Design the ultimate she shed escape! Just like men have man caves, women are creating she sheds where they can practice yoga, set up a home office, entertain friends and family, and more! Check out these ideas for creating a she shed at home!

Where Can I Create a She Shed?

Creating a she shed can be as simple as transforming a backyard shed or garage. You can even look into buying a prefabricated shed or building your own DIY shed. The decision is yours!

Repurpose an Old Shed

Don’t know what to do with an old shed in the backyard? Turn it into a she shed! Not only does this maximize existing space that was previously unused, but it saves you money by not having to build the structure.

Use a Detached Garage

Your she shed doesn’t have to be in the backyard! A detached garage makes for a perfect home gym or art studio because you don’t have to worry about any carpet or furniture.

Build a She Shed

Have a big backyard? Build the she shed of your dreams! Whether you go with a small prefab shed or a large custom shed, adding a new shed gives you the freedom to design the space how you want!

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What Theme Should My She Shed Have?

Your she shed should be a reflection of your hobbies and interests. Whether you’re a dedicated gardener, a workout fanatic, or a small business owner, you can design the she shed that’s right for you. Here are cool she shed themes to inspire your backyard sanctuary!

Make an At-Home Yoga Studio

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Wish you had a dedicated spot for yoga and meditation? Transform your basic shed into a home yoga studio! Paint your shed a neutral color, add rubber flooring, and invest in yoga necessities like mats, resistance bands, and blocks. And be sure to add plants and candles to make your room more tranquil!

Exercise in Your Home Gym

If you love to work out, bring the gym to your backyard with a she shed home gym! With a few easy steps, you can make the home workout space of your dreams. Fill your shed with fitness equipment like cardio machines, weight benches, kettlebells, battle ropes, and more! Be sure to install rubber flooring, fans for airflow, and a mirror—and don’t forget a sound system to help push you through those tough workouts!

Create a Crafter’s Paradise

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Let your creativity run wild in a secluded garden shed home art studio! Flood the space with natural light from skylights, big windows, and French doors. Add a crafting table, easel, and workbench to create the optimal space for jewelry making, quilting, painting, or pottery. Finish the space with shelving and hooks where you can display your favorite projects!

Design the Perfect Home Office

If you’re working from home and need a quiet spot to focus, a home office is an ideal option for your she shed! Find a desk and comfortable office chair that fit the space and hang up some artwork or prints to personalize your workstation. Also, make sure your she shed has good lighting—whether from windows or from light fixtures—so that you can stay productive while working from home!

Set Up Your Business’ Home Base

Starting a small business from home? Why not set up business operations in your she shed! Not only can this unique space function as a home office for your business, but it can also work as a meeting room, workshop, or even as a small warehouse where you can store inventory!

Catch Up on the Latest Book

Enjoy reading, but don’t have a quiet place in the house for it? Consider converting your she shed into a reading nook! Install a window for natural light, add lots of shelving to show off your books, and include a comfy couch or oversized chair. Then, grab a blanket and the next book on your reading list!

Design a Gardener’s Dream

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Your gardening shed doesn’t just have to be a place to store equipment! Turn it into a she shed where you can show off your green thumb! You can transform your shed into a functional greenhouse, or you can make into an extension of your backyard garden by creating a potting station, vegetable garden, or planter wall!

Set Up a Workshop

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Need a place to work on all of your DIY projects? Utilize your she shed space as a workshop! Add a workbench and some shelving where you can store tools and materials, then get to tackling those home improvement projects on your to-do list!

Entertain with a Bar Shed

Entertain your guests or pour yourself a drink after a long day with a she shed bar! Transform the inside of your she shed with seating or build a refreshment window with a counter and stools for easy access to your favorite spirits and wines. Don’t forget to install a refrigerator for storing drinks and a sink for washing glasses and bartending tools!

Build a Music Room

Create a fun space for jam sessions, band practice, or just working on your music by turning your she shed into a music room! You’ll want to soundproof the shed with insulation or an extra layer of drywall so that you’re able to block out unwanted noise and keep the volume down for neighbors. Also, you may want to invest in a climate control system for your shed that can protect your instruments and equipment.

Gather for Meals

Host your next dinner party in your she shed! Decorate your dining shed similar to a dining room—pick a table, chairs, and a buffet table that fit the space. For lighting, hang a chandelier as a statement piece or go simple with string lights. Your family and friends will love gathering for your next meal in this intimate place!

Have a Girls’ Night

Your she shed is the perfect spot for entertaining friends! Add loveseats, ottomans, and chairs so that there’s plenty of seating available for your guests. Set up an entertainment center or projector screen for listening to music and watching movies. And be sure to have a bar or mini fridge where you can keep snacks and drinks!

Make the Ultimate Guest House

With a she shed guest house, you can give your guests their own space when they come to visit! Keep this small space from feeling crowded with a day bed or twin bed, and limit other furniture to a desk and comfy chair. No matter how big or small your she shed is, you can make this space into a backyard retreat!


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