Home Storage Solutions to Help You Save The Planet


ES_April_Blog-StorageSolutionsReduce, reuse, recycle: the three well-known words associated with Earth Day. This year, turn your green strategy on your storage. Are you wasting money in your home or storage unit by not being Eco-friendly? Save your wallet and the world by using these strategies.

  1. Reuse crates and pallets as furniture.


(Via Decoist)

One of the best ways to go green is to repurpose items that would otherwise go to waste. Wooden crates are great options. Milk or wine crates can make perfect furniture, such as side tables, coffee tables, or even support for couches and beds. Pallets are also a great DIY furniture option, and the possibilities are endless.

  1. Cardboard alternatives can look elegant.


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Instead of cardboard boxes, store your loose items in glass jars or plastic containers. They are sturdy enough to be used over and over, and they can dress up your home. Try using multiple sizes and styles for a fresh look.

  1. Go BPA-free in the kitchen.BPA


(Via Rodale Wellness)

Instead of stacking up plastic Tupperware and plastic water bottles, try out BPA-free brands. Buy metal or glass containers to keep food fresh while staying eco-friendly. Stainless steel options also have the added benefit of keeping foods hot or cold longer, so you won’t need to use more energy in the microwave.

         4. Try Eco-friendly packing materials

packing materials

Go green with your move. Moving into a new house can take as many as 90 disposable boxes and thousands of square feet of bubble wrap. There are plenty of eco-friendly companies offering recyclable boxes, reusable plastic bins, corn-based packing material, and hybrid or biodiesel-powered moving trucks.

  1. Rent, don’t buy.

rent dont buy

(Via King Tote)

The easiest way to get ready for a move is to run out and pick up boxes and bins on your own. But is it the smartest? Instead of buying supplies you won’t use again, rent them! Companies like King Tote will not only supply you with all the tools you need, but they’ll bring them right to your home and pick them up when you’re done. Easy and eco-friendly is the best combination.

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