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Friends, have you caught the Pinterest bug yet? It’s pretty contagious, and I’ve got it bad

I think I know the reason why I love working at a place called Extra Space Storage, because I tell you, I have long loved finding places to store things. When I was in grade school, I had a collection of boxes, all sizes and materials. I loved collecting treasures and notes almost as much as I loved finding places to store them.  Since then ways to cleverly, even beautifully store treasures have come a long way.

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is Store It! There are ideas old, new, borrowed, as well as tried and true.


Old Store Holiday Ornaments in Egg Cartons

Old items get a facelift in these great pins:

I knew I was saving all of those egg cartons for a reason other than craft projects! Smaller ornaments stay safe and Christmas garland remains untangled, all while affording you more space for stacking inside your Christmas boxes.


Old wooden crates are not only sturdy for storage, but give your walls a great rustic feel when arranged together in groups!


Do you have any extra jars sitting sadly empty in your closets? Fill them up with nail polish, cotton balls, kitchen utensils, or cupcake liners for attractive storage worthy to display on any counter and shelf.


New 12 Storage Solutions


More than likely, you will need to buy some new items for these storage solutions, but they are fantastically worth the pennies you’ll spend:

My pots never look this great in storage. They are stacked on top of another and shoved every which way to make room. If pots had thoughts, I think these pots that are stored so lovingly in their own space must think, “I am so happy and well-placed that I will help make the greatest food known to man.”

Do you use the space under your bed for extra storage? Mine is a collection of different plastic bins accruing quite the impressive collection of dust bunnies. These carts on wheels would be much easier to access and look nice when your comforter isn’t very long. (Does anyone use dust ruffles anymore? I haven’t had one since I was in grade school.)

These baskets make me smile. They are simple and classy, storage disguised as decoration.



Borrowed CK Special Issue



Sometimes the best storage solutions are found when you change up an item’s intended purpose. A little borrowing never hurt these pins:

Intended for hanging skirts and slacks, these hangers are a great way to keep your boots off the floor and paired together.

This pin will lead you to 50 simple suggestions for organizing, but I still adore the shoe organizer which has unlimited uses.

Cake and treat plates—especially deep set candy dishes like this pin—make beautiful, unexpected storage in craft and work rooms.

Tried and True Decorate A Home Office

The following pins are all storage ideas that I have personally tried in my own home:

This changed my life. To keep all of your sheets together and also make them stackable, put folded sheets in their coordinating pillowcase. Check out this pin!

Those pans for 6 muffins are the perfect size for organizing the little things in your drawer. I get my pans at Goodwill for under $1—and I can always use them for an emergency when I NEED six more cupcakes.



Check out our Pinterest page for the pins and their links. Do you pin? What is your favorite board on Pinterest? Do you have any clever and new storage tips?



Jessica Johnson