Announcing Extraordinary Employee of The Quarter Winners for Q1 2024

At Extra Space Storage, we believe our greatest asset is our employees. From the people who work in our National Solutions Center to the managers operating our self storage facilities across the nation, the team behind Extra Space is what makes our company better every single day.

Each quarter, we announce the EXTRAordinary Employees of the quarter award. These aren’t given to people who just do their jobs. They’re awarded to those who go above and beyond in demonstrating our core values, and the nominations are submitted anonymously by other employees, team leaders, or entire departments.

Below are the EXTRAordinary winners from Q1 2024, featuring the nominations from their peers!

Judy Strong – Sr. District Manager

Judy is a great leader that lives our values day in and day out. As a mentor to other District Managers, she takes time to answer questions and follows up with words of advice. Her dedication to the Sr. District Manager role exemplifies the true meaning of our teamwork value at Extra Space. Judy leads with integrity and exudes positive energy at every turn. Her teamwork is only surpassed by her passion for lifting others up and supporting them. One of Judy’s managers stated that it has been a pleasure to work for Judy as she is the first person in their 35 years of working that they have been able to learn and grow from. Judy’s Employee Experience Manager has stated that she incorporates our values in every discussion and decision that they make as a team. When delivering difficult decisions to employees she emphasizes that decisions are made with the partnership and approval from others and that we use the company compass as our guide. Judy is trusted by her employees, and they know that she is fair and unbiased. Judy is all in with Extra Space and we are fortunate to have her on our team.

Kevin Hart – District Manager

I am lucky enough to work under Kevin Hart as my Dstrict Manager. He has always gone above and beyond to make sure all his employees are set up with the tools they need to succeed. There has never been a time that I’ve reached out to Kevin that he did not immediately assist me or return my call or email within 10 minutes. Even on vacation. He helps make Extra Space a great place to work every single day. In addition, Kevin has supported two different markets without skipping a beat. Kevin has onboarded several sites in Q1 making it a real challenge due to the logistics of employees and the business needs. He truly cares about his team and their development. Kevin has an upbeat demeanor and likes to look at challenges as opportunities to resolve issues swiftly.

Myles Sigman – Sr. District Manager

Over the last year, Myles has continuously lived out the value of teamwork. He has trained and mentored multiple new District Managers even outside of his own division, led workshops, and developed new District Managers in Training. Additionally, when we went through a larger realignment this past February, he volunteered to take on a more challenging district. He did this to alleviate some of the long-distance coverage for other District Managers as well as to challenge himself with a more demanding portfolio of stores. Myles doesn’t wait to be asked for assignments, he looks for the needs of the team and takes action to assist. Myles delivers on all our company values, but his desire to see others do well is what makes his teamwork stand out.

Chassidy Dent – Accountant

Chassidy has been an exceptional accountant for our new Life Storage partners. For the last nine months, she has gone above and beyond in supporting these partners and their move to the Extra Space platform. Our partners have consistently told me that her answers are thorough and thoughtful. Chassidy, I cannot thank you enough for what you do for our partners. Thank you!

Drupad Kumar Khublani – Sr. Data Scientist

Drupad Khublani has consistently demonstrated excellence and strong teamwork throughout his time with us. Over the past two quarters, he has contributed significantly to several challenging projects, including migrating our web analytics tool for compliance, improving the call center data quality for robust reporting, and supporting the deep analysis required to understand current brand tests better. His collaboration with business stakeholders and other analytics partners has been essential to the success of these projects. He continuously strives to improve the quality of insights to drive better decisions and exemplifies the inverted pyramid thinking in his day-to-day work, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

Nataliya Vasyutyn – Product & Scrum Master Sr. Analyst

Natalie’s leadership was instrumental in Q1 when a new and challenging store concept arose. Orchestrating cross-departmental collaboration, she adeptly handled the technical complexities involved. Natalie’s exceptional performance showcased her ability to tackle unprecedented challenges and despite tight timelines and other setbacks, Natalie ensured a seamless process. She is humble and probably doesn’t want any credit for the project’s success, but it was her willingness to dig in and make sure we do things right for our customers, employees, and company that I make this nomination.

Oshi Altamirano – Customer Service Representative

Oshi Altamirano is a dedicated representative at the National Solutions Center and consistently goes above and beyond her duties, actively volunteering for various projects. Over the past few years, she has significantly contributed to the recruitment process, assisting the hiring team in interviewing and filling agent positions. Serving as a Lead Agent, Oshi not only handles day-to-day responsibilities but also assists colleagues by answering queries and providing support. Last year, during a crucial hiring push, Oshi volunteered for recruitment efforts, delivering outstanding results. She continues to excel in recruiting, demonstrating unwavering dedication and positivity despite demanding deadlines. As a full-time recruiter since the beginning of the year, Oshi epitomizes the company’s values, consistently delivering top-tier candidates and representing the brand effectively.

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