Extra Space Storage Completes Storage Express Integration

Extra Space Storage is pleased to announce the completed integration of Storage Express. The Storage Express team and all of their locations are now entirely integrated within the Extra Space infrastructure and website.

“Thank you to the entire team at Storage Express, who have collaborated very well as they integrated with the Extra Space team and platforms,” said Samrat Sondhi, Executive Vice President and CMO. “Change has not been easy, but the Storage Express team has been open and flexible as they made this transition. They have helped bring the companies together while doing their daily jobs and dealing with the challenges of working with a new organization and people.”

This acquisition brought 106 storage properties across Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. These properties comprise 28,000 units and 3.8 million square feet. The transition was unique for Extra Space because the team had to integrate multiple technologies supporting Storage Express’s unique digital access model while integrating their stores onto Extra Space platforms.

“I am excited about this acquisition because it provides a new growth channel opportunity for Extra Space to add smaller, remote-managed stores across the country,” continued Sondhi. “It gives us the ability to serve our customers in ways we have never been able to before!”

Customers in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky will now see rental options for Storage Express and Extra Space in markets where both products are available. We’re pleased to offer new and existing customers more options for their storage needs.

“When the first Storage Express site went live on extraspace.com, it was a special moment for us all,” said Director of Transitions Bill Mottram. “Storage Express was the culmination of many groups coming together over several months. The lessons learned will be invaluable to the future of our organization.”

We are thrilled to welcome the Storage Express group to #TeamExtraSpace! We can accomplish amazing things when working together toward our goals. Moving forward as one team, we are excited to continue our growth trajectory and explore new and innovative opportunities.

Learn more about the executive leaders and Board of Directors growing Extra Space Storage into a self storage leader. Or find out how to join the team today!


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