Extra Space Storage Employee Resource Groups Hold 2023 Strategy Session

It’s been a year since Extra Space Storage announced the launch of its Diversity and Inclusion Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Since that time committee chairs have been hard at work getting their respective groups up and running and organizing various activities and employee roundtables that highlight diversity throughout the company.

Recently the chairs of each ERG—BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Military & Veteran, and Women—met at the Salt Lake Support Center in Utah to discuss 2023 initiatives and build team relationships.

“We had a fantastic ERG 2023 strategy meeting last week in Salt Lake City,” shared Megan Hammer, Division Vice President and ERG Subcommittee Chair. “It was nice to bring our committee members together and reflect on 2022 successes as well as align upcoming efforts focused on mentorship, career development, community. Our ERGs are energized and excited about what is to come.”

The strategy session kicked off by reviewing 2022 survey feedback. Earlier in the year, each chair group surveyed its respective ERG members for feedback on what they’d like to see in 2023 to get the most out of their membership and participation. That set them on the right track to identify 2023 initiatives and share their respective visions. Additionally, the committee chairs discussed fostering community and engagement at work, leadership and professional development, and how ERGs can influence the future of Extra Space Storage. The day wrapped up with dinner where committee leaders were able to network with each other and executive leaders.

“I was excited to gather with the ERG chairs to strategize, network, and discuss all things diversity and inclusion related,” said District Manager and BIPOC ERG Communications Chair Jay Johnson. “I am grateful for the efforts and resources offered by Extra Space to support chair members and the mission of prioritizing D&I for the entire organization. This was very prominent during our time spent in Salt Lake City. I look forward to continue being an advocate for Extra Space and D&I, and I’m excited for the next time we can all get together!”

Featured image (from top left): Kurt Gnessin, Nicole Hunt, David Kapij, Robert, Isla, Iveth Rubio, Ilona Donnell, Adam Willey, Rich Miller, Lana Pearl, Matt Herrington, Noah Springer, Kate Stapleton, Tyler Jacobsen, Samrat Sondhi, Joanie Bachonski, Maria Avellana, Brooke Stencil, Jay Johnson, Megan Hammer, Risa Saavedra, Whitney Harper, Rosario Bibiano, Joe Margolis

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