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Exterior Photo of Long Beach, CA, Extra Space Storage Facility

Extra Space Storage Adds 932 Units to Long Beach, CA Self Storage Facility

Extra Space Storage recently completed an expansion project for a self storage property in Long Beach, CA at 2035 W Wardlow Rd. This project took some time to get off the ground, but the results were well worth the wait. Program Manager Mark Glasmire, Deal Captain Mackay Reid, and Design Lead Rob Burns led the effort.

Before and After: Extra Space Storage Long Beach Expansion

After a fire caused significant damage to the property a few years ago, the Extra Space Storage Asset Management team evaluated opportunities to improve the property and add more units instead of simply rebuilding the existing footprint. In this case, it made sense to expand, but there were substantial challenges along the way.

Rebuilding and expanding the property meant that over 80% of the site would be under construction, leaving little space for customer access to operating units. Partnering with local District and Store Managers was critical to provide a pleasant experience to existing customers during construction.

The project team had to work around significant building restrictions and layout challenges that required strategic planning and design. An existing billboard on the property needed access and could not be altered due to its prime location along I-405. This restricted what could be done in planning the layout of the new construction. Additionally, local restrictions limited structure height to 28 feet, typically not enough height to add the desired third story. The design team planned for light fixtures and utilities to be carefully tucked away in the ceiling, allowing for lower ceilings without making the space feel cramped.

Despite these obstacles—including multiple delays due to ongoing COVID-19 impacts and challenges with the local municipality—the project team and local leadership successfully delivered a before-and-after worth celebrating. The expansion added 30,000 square feet of rentable space and 932 new units.

Thank you to the project team, store leaders, and the Extra Space Storage Operations team for making the expansion of 2035 W Wardlow Rd in Long Beach a success!

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